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Posted: Apr 30, 2010


Today I noticed that when I ran firefox there was an update for toodledo. I got hopeful. and yes! the problem i was talking about earlier is fixed in this edition!!

So it looks as if it is fixed as of version 1.70. woohoo and THANKS!

Posted: Apr 25, 2010
From Topic: Safari

A twist on Vin Thomas's lil' hack, this will open the mobile site's "Add Task" in your firefox sidebar.

1. create a new bookmark
2. Name it whatever you want.
(Mine is "Add | toodledo | sideber")
3. For location enter this url:
4. Make sure you check the checkbox that is "load this bookmark in the sidebar"

Then, when it opens in your sidebar, drag the tab of the page whose url you want in the notes field to the notes field. The url will pop up there when you let go of the drag.


Posted: Apr 25, 2010

Just a note:

While it seems that the firefox extension keeps opening up links in the notefield in the sidebar, I have found a little work-around.

The iGoogle gadget, which looks EXACTLY the same, doesnt behave this way, but opens the links in a tab instead of the sidebar. Here are directions.

(I took the source from the iGoogle gadget and converted it into a link.)

1. Right click on the bookmarks toolbar and create a new bookmark.
2. Give it a name (Mine is Toodledo | Sidebar)
3. Under "Location", enter this link:


4. Make sure you check the box that says "Load this bookmark in the sidebar.

Now I only have the extension installed for the sake of the "Toodledo this page" option in the right-click context menu. So if anyone knows a bookmarklet for that, please let me go so I can get rid of this extension until they fix it.

I love toodledo...but this is totally weird.

Posted: Apr 25, 2010

What the **** is that all about?

I have to be wrong, right? It has to be me. There is no way this was overlooked, right?

The extension gives the ability to rightclick anywhere and "create a task from this page" which is awesome! or so I thought, until i opened up the extension in the sidebar and clicked on the link in the notes field and it not only opened in the sidebar of all places, but prohibited me from opening it in a new tab, middle clicking it into a new tab... or anything else.

I mean, I actually have to open the mobile site in the sidebar if i want it to function. its ridiculous. How exactly do you folks use toodle do as a 'read later' tool? I have to be missing something right?

please tell me this is on my end.

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Posted: Nov 06, 2009

I too would really like this!

In terms of GTD, checklists are an integral part of the GTD system. I may need to go to the store (task) but i have nowhere to keep the list of things that I need to get there (check list). I think notes fulfill the checklist portion of GTD. Its the only reason I dont use toodledo more often, because I use a LOT of checklists.

Posted: Apr 08, 2008

In the sidebar feature of the Toodledo firefox extension, "goals" does not seem to be available. If I hit the 'add new task' button, goals is there as a drop down menu, and if i configure the 'options' of the toodledo extension, there is the option to make sure that 'goals' is checked and available. I have it checked.

can someone let me know if i am doing something wrong?