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d a v e

Posted: Jan 29, 2013

Understood. I work in software development.

The ability to filter by context is a great feature and I'm just trying to help address a small shortcoming. But I understand all too well, the need to prioritize and queue enhancement requests, and where they fall relative to bug fixes.

It's a great application and I'm happy to be using it. I'm even trying to convince my son to use Toodledo to stay on top of his school assignments. In turn, he's using that to fuel the argument for a smart phone. :)

Thanks again, Salgud, for your feedback. Have a great day!
d a v e

Posted: Jan 29, 2013

An alternative would be to default the context for a new task to the currently viewed context. I think folder defaults would be better though.
d a v e

Posted: Jan 29, 2013

By the way, I don't see this impacting current users. You could still be able to set context at the task level. I'm just looking for the ability to specify a default value for tasks created within a given folder.
d a v e

Posted: Jan 29, 2013

> This would be a huge time saver, but more important it would preserve the integrity of a context.

I'm less concerned with the time savings and more concerned with tasks dropping off radar because the context feature is dependent on diligently setting a non-required field. In fact, to use the context feature means no longer being able to use "Quick Add Task"

So to determine the time savings, you'd need to factor in a few seconds per task to set context, several more seconds since "Quick Add Task" can't be used, and to be safe, we would also have to add a repeating task to find/fix any tasks with no context so they're not missing for longer than, say a week.

(Hey, thanks for your quick response Salgud!)

This message was edited Jan 29, 2013.
d a v e

Posted: Jan 29, 2013

Context looks extremely useful, however cumbersome if it can only be set at the task level. The way I envision it, a context is high level, such as (work vs personal)

Within a context it makes sense to have folders containing tasks. I don't ever see myself wanting different contexts within a folder. Therefore, if "default context" could be set at the folder level (as an option in Edit Folders), then I would never have to deal with remembering to set context when creating each individual task. This would be a huge time saver, but more important it would preserve the integrity of a context. The way context is currently implemented, I don't see using it because I know I'll frequently be overlooking tasks that have no context. That's a risk I can't afford.

Hint: This alone would encourage me to upgrade from the free version. :)