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Doug Reichard

Posted: Mar 26, 2009
From Topic: Notebook API?

How to I program to the notebook?
Doug Reichard

Posted: May 17, 2008

I created a C# library and I'm working on an application. The application will most likely just match my workflow and how I use Toodledo, but the .NET library might be useful.

Its up on Google code under GPL2.

Doug Reichard

Posted: May 15, 2008
From Topic: Hide-able Sidebar

Would be nice to have Icons in this side bar Looks like they would fit.
Doug Reichard

Posted: May 01, 2008
From Topic: Add Task in calender

I find Myself Wanting To add Tasks from The calender view
Doug Reichard

Posted: Apr 28, 2008
From Topic: Hide-able Sidebar

Doug Reichard

Posted: Apr 12, 2008
From Topic: File Uploads

Thanks. Your explanation makes sense. It is a reasonable price. But cost wasn't my point. I think you had another option you didn't list.

I think a 10-25mb teaser for current Pro and the the Pro Plus account might have been something considered. I probably would have upgraded with less thought involved once I could see how I could use it. And it would be more like what other sites do scaling features.

I may be reacting because I recently got the pro account only to find a couple weeks later a new tier. It not a issue of adding features it is the perception of adding tiers. (Which you explained adequately)

I love your service. I'm not against charging the price for 1 GB.

Part of my point is that with subscription software you have an expectation that part of the subscription includes updates. Which I understand is normaly the case, and I understand the significance of this upgrade, but the new tier without adding something for current subscribers feel a bit off putting no matter what the cost.

I don't believe I'm whining about you improving your software. I am trying to provide feedback on how it may be perceived when you add a new tier like this.

Your explanation make sense, and I hope my feedback does as well.

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Doug Reichard

Posted: Apr 11, 2008
From Topic: File Uploads

>>> We didn't think that it was fair to increase the cost of our "Pro" subscription to support file uploads.

No it should have been part of the Pro subscription! Or at least have a small amount of space available to us pro subscribers then charge for more space.

The expectation of having access to update to the system is somewhat expected when you pay for the pro service.

I would have to say it is disappointing that new features were not part of the Pro account.

I have Access to 5GB free from other sources. I can easily link to via notes.

The extra $15 is a disappointing trend. I'll have to consider if its worth the convenience. But, at first glance I am disappointed that this was not part of having a pro account.

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Doug Reichard

Posted: Apr 11, 2008
From Topic: Starred Tasks

I to want to Say thank you. I've been struggling to have a 'things I'll do today' - I tried folders etc.

This is perfect for it.