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Posted: Apr 26, 2008

I'm using toodledo 'folders' as GTD 'projects' - ie. tasks grouped by common goal/purpose, as opposed to context.

Is there any way of creating new folders without using the online app and clicking on 'folders' in the sidebar, then 'adding' folders?

It would be more convenient to have folders automatically created whenever a task is created with a new folder name. I use the email interface for toodledo, and note that if I email a task with a folder (ie. "Buy Milk @Errand *Shopping") that the folder is ignored if it doesn't already exist - what I'd like to see is the folder created on the fly. (This would be doubly good, as the iphone webapp doesn't seem to allow creation of folders directly - and emailing todo's is just so convenient and fast).

Thanks - keep up the great work on this app!

Posted: Apr 26, 2008
From Topic: Native iPhone app?

I second that. I have an unlocked iphone in Australia, and was reassured when I discovered toodledo, otherwise having no effective way of managing tasks on the iphone.

The problem obviously arises when out I'm of network/wifi connectivity, or have poor connectivity such that my data rate is slow - and I'm surprised how often that really is now I actively use my phone so frequently. Whether in the depths of a building, a remote area, a train tunnel, or a plane, it's a pain to not be able to access my toodledo tasks. Especially as reviewing or adding todo's is one of those common things you find yourself doing (or wanting to do) when you have an idle moment, often in one of those locations.

A native iphone app would be great! (I'd happily pay for such if it was as functional as the desktop webapp.)