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Posted: Jul 23, 2008
From Topic: GTD and due dates

If you have a hard due date and list it in Toodledo, you can export that due date through Toodledo's iCal feed to an online calendar such as Google Calendar. The nice thing about the iCal feed is that you only set the hard deadline once--in Toodledo--and then it shows up in Google Calendar regardless of whether you log in at home, the office, on your cell, etc. Wall calendars are nice, but they're hard to take with you and check "on the run."

Posted: Jul 18, 2008

Thanks. I actually try to limit my folders to about 10. I really would just like "new stuff" I haven't categorized to come up on top when I open Toodledo, because I enter a majority of my tasks in Toodledo via the Jott link, and I like to "process my inbox" in GTD fashion before evaluating my current tasks for action.

Posted: Jul 18, 2008

I understand that there is currently no option for a default folder (it would be a nice feature, and one that many other GTD programs have). Barring that, is there any way to move the tasks that have no folder up to the top of the folder sort view? It would be helpful to have them at the top, so I know I have tasks I need to categorize.

Posted: Jul 11, 2008

I've got no problems with the name. Look at some of the other ones out there: "remember the milk"? "nozbe"? huh? Anybody who won't take a new product seriously based on its name probably still isn't using Google, Yahoo! or Twitter, either.

My only problem with the name is that I had to change it to TO DO on my Jott link because Jott can never seem to understand how I pronounce "Toodledo" no matter how many different ways I say it.

Posted: May 27, 2008

Thanks for the info. It would still be nice to have something to indicate the duration of such an event, but I like your idea.

From what I can see on Apple.com and Wikipedia, Apple's iCal only works on Apple's OS. For the moment, at least, I have a PC. Any suggestions for an online app that operates on the iCal standards you describe?

One other suggestion: you may want to take a look at legal case management software for ideas for your own program. I use Time Matters (from LexisNexis) at my office for most of my professional work. In some ways it's more of a pain to use (in part because it has almost too many bells and whistles), but in many ways it mirrors the GTD philosophy: it has Case/Matter designations that are the equivalent of folders, allows for status updates, and has classification codes (which can be used for contexts).

The real beauty of such case management software is its ability to bring together a lot of the information you'd need to complete a task. In addition to the links that GTD software generally provides (tasks linked to folders, contexts, tags) you can link a TODO or Event to a specific person and/or location; if that person is in the case management database, you not only get the name, but also contact information. As I said, it's probably too much for a clean online app, but it might give you some useful ideas.

If you're interested in looking at any of that, I can send you screen shots or even the product manual in pdf.

Posted: May 27, 2008

I have gone through several of the GTD programs online, and I think the Toodledo is the best (or at least best suited to my needs).

One disappointment, however, has been the inability to add events that occur at a particular time (this disappointment isn't limited to Toodledo. Nozbe has been promising events for some time, and most of the other GTD apps have none or limited ability to add events).

And yes, I understand that I can use Toodledo with a calendar program like Google Calendars. But the (IMHO) artificial distinction between events and todos limits the usefulness of Toodledo for planning.

For example, let's suppose I have a telephone conference tomorrow at 11 am. Right now, I'd put that on Google Calendar, and any associated tasks in Toodledo, where they would be viewable in the Google calendar (provided you click on the check box at the top of the date) but otherwise unconnected.

Now, imagine in an event were simply a TODO with two extra fields (I think Toodledo has everything but start time, as opposed to the start date, and end time, though I suppose the "due time" could be used for one or the other.) Once you list that event as a task, you could list any preparation you need to do as subtasks.

The really nice thing is that you could then use the Toodledo calendar instead of using the Google calendar to see dates and then having to click on the Toodledo check box to see your tasks for that date (I imagine that kludge is a problem with the Google Calendar API and not on the Toodledo side, as Remember the Milk has a similar interface with Google Calendar).

Posted: May 23, 2008
From Topic: Jott interoperability

I concur think using Jott to get things to the inbox is exactly the way David Allen would recommend it. I think trying to put stuff into your inbox and process it at the same time is somewhat GTD-contrary. One of the things that David warns about is the "purge and organize virus", in which people get caught up in a task they've identified.

I agree that there ought to be a default "Inbox" instead of "no folder," or at least the option for such an inbox.

Posted: May 22, 2008

I'm curious as to who's converted from other online task managers, and why. Personally, I've tried Nozbe and Remember the Milk--I've been working my way down the list of GTD links in Jott, which I consider more or less essential to any similar app these days. Toodledoo seems the most flexible--Nozbe had virtually no due date and calendaring functions when I tried it, and remember the milk didn't provide all that many options on its main page (although I really liked the fact that you could view your tasks from your Gmail account.

Oh, and one other question: has anybody seen any sign that Propel'r will ever be up and running? I think I heard about this piece of vaporware back in 2006, and they were promising to have the program available at least in beta by last summer/fall, but so far nada.

Hard to see how they are going to become much of a competitor if they don't get out there and start taking feedback from real, live users (one of the strongest points of Toodledo, IMHO).