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Posted: May 11, 2013
From Topic: Iphone Sync problems

Posted by Business Support LLC:
I have been getting these regularly and again things got out of sync. Not fixed by a manual sync, rebooting the iphone app, nor by rebooting the entire iphone.

Who else is getting these? Are you even checking if you are getting out of sync (maybe you are out of sync and don't know it)?

The faqs say this happens rarely, I find it happens regularly - I don't use my iphone app often, but I need it to work when I do use it and about 1/3 the time it is not correct.

Yes, I filed a support ticket, they said check the synchronization log (without giving enough information to say how, so I had to spend more time on help to figure this out). Gee no errors - it says everything synced fine but there were about 10 tasks not synced (obvious if you look at the counts) and of course those were recent ones and most were the ones I needed.

Fix - well we have to monitor it all the time to catch when it goes out of sync and manually fix it, then do a force sync (copies all one one side to the other which is why you have to monitor and fix things first or you will lose info), and if that doesn't work wipe it off the iphone and then reinstall it. Not an acceptable fix.

If we all make a rucus, maybe they will get this to work reliably.

About the same time I started to have Iphone synch problems.
It takes 90 minutes to synch over the same wifi as I've always had.
I reinstalled the app, cleared the data, submitted a support ticket, etc. No solution.
This problem just appeared and wont go away. TD doesnt know how to fix it.
I can synch my android in under a minute.

Posted: May 11, 2013

Posted by Leo_1322101230:
I know this may sound stupied, but what is notes supposed to be used for or as?

I use notes for the many things I need to keep track of: medicines and supplements that I am taking and side effects, business opptys that I am researching, travel advice on places that I may want to visit, relocating issues, etc.
I dont know how I could get along without them.

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Posted: Feb 20, 2013

Ok, that makes sense. Why store notes over and over.

I raised this subject because it seemed like when I searched the archive there were no notes in any of the iterations. From what you are saying, if I've finished with a recurring task the last occurrence in the archive should have the note, right?

Posted: Feb 20, 2013

The reason this is important to me is because I recently accidentally deleted some notes with extensive note.

I'm not sure I understand 'active version of each task.
If I have a task to call someone and put several details like the phone number or price into the note, when I check the task off as completed, there is not longer an 'active version' , the only thing left is the archive of the task saying to call someone.
That means the note is lost.
Is this correct?

Does your backup tool save the notes?

Posted: Feb 20, 2013

Wow. I've been using Toodle for awhile but didn't know that.

Does your backup tool save notes? Its not clear from the description

Do you have a recommended way to retain notes onto your online archive?

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Posted: Feb 19, 2013

Recently I've had to recall some completed tasks, all were missing their notes.
Is there something special I need to do to save or recall the notes on tasks?

Posted: Sep 02, 2012
From Topic: Am I missing tasks?

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Posted: Sep 01, 2012
From Topic: Am I missing tasks?

I'm wondering how many tasks I have.
If I do a search for all tasks that are 'not' 'checked off' I get 579 displayed.
If I do view by 'main' I get 319 tasks displayed and cant figure out which ones are missing.
Which tasks would be in one view but not in the other.

Posted: Jul 31, 2012

I've been using Toodledo on my Mac and Iphone, just got an Android Samsung Ace and have some questions:
At the gym today I had internet access but couldnt open toodledo or m.toodledo. I got a message saying that the synch was queued for the next time I was online. Yet I was able to access other websites online. What should I be doing to make the connection?
I think I remember seeing somewhere that m.toodledo had the ability to save a backup copy that could be used offline. Is that true? How does it work?

Posted: Jun 30, 2012
From Topic: New Android

Re: m.toodledo

Today my Android says 'webpage not available'

I'm hoping that m.toodledo will include my notebook, thats particularly important to me.

Posted: Jun 29, 2012
From Topic: New Android

Thank you.
I appreciate the prompt replies.

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Posted: Jun 29, 2012
From Topic: New Android

When I try m.toodledo my android keeps telling me that I am offline even though I can access toodledo.com and other websites.

Posted: Jun 29, 2012
From Topic: New Android


I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how I can use Toodledo.com in an weak signal or offline Android mode.

I recently relocated to Argentina.

Until now I used Toodledo.com on my Verizon Iphone in Florida but here I had to buy a Samsung Ace/Android that worked with their GSM wireless technology.

Now Toodledo.com works fine when I have wifi or a strong signal but at my gym and some other places with weaker signals it wont open in my browser. Other apps open there but not Toodledo.com.

On my Iphone the browser kept toodledo.com offline and even let me update offline until the next synch.

I've tried do the same on my Samasung/Android by putting a backup file on it but somehow I cant seem to get it to download.


Posted: Mar 10, 2012
From Topic: Out of Synch

My TD on my Iphone is out of synch with TD on my Mac.

I've just synched both devices to the TD server several times without making any changes.

My Mac shows 566 tasks while my IPhone shows 567.

One overdue task, due March 6, appears on my Iphone but not on my Mac.

What am I doing wrong?


Posted: Mar 07, 2012
From Topic: Backup

I'm still confused about my choices for backing up TD.

All I want is to be able to easily recreate my TD files, completely and easily should I ever need to.

Under import/export tools there's a recommended backup, 'XML Import / Export' that gives me a 3.9mg file. But there's also another 'backup and restore' tool that gives me a 5mg file.

Whats the difference?

Posted: Feb 20, 2012
From Topic: "Focus" problem

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Posted: Feb 18, 2012
From Topic: Toodledo and ADHD

Greetings fellow ADHDers.

I've long struggled to have a system that provides the memory and organization that I am lacking. TD seems to be ok as long as I check my task list every 15 minutes and update everything so that the next time I check, all my tasks and notes are up to date.

When I'm offline I use my IPhone TD. Then synch when its back online. The big disadvantage is when I am on an airplane for 9 hours I can't really reorganize my day or week, I can just make entries.

I've learned to cling to whichever organizer I am using as if it were a life raft, checking it constantly.

If I weren't able to prompt myself to constantly look at my task list, I'd probably set calendar prompts so that every 15 minutes I'd be reminded to not only look at my task list but to update it.

It'd be great if TD worked offline and if color coding of tasks were available so that I could see the important tasks or folders at a glance.

Hope this helps.

Posted: Jan 31, 2012
From Topic: Firefox 10

Will the TD add-on work in Firefox 10?

Posted: Jan 31, 2012
From Topic: Out of Synch

One example, last week I saw on my Iphone several tasks that I hadn't been seeing on my Mac. inlcuding one: a task showing I was due to schedule a semi annual doctors appointment.
I tried to find it on my Mac but couldnt, not with search, or under completed or recently modified, etc

I appreciate your help. It seems like there isnt an easy answer for this and I dont want to bother you further.

If the problem recurs I'll take notes and ask for help again.


Posted: Jan 31, 2012
From Topic: Out of Synch

1. I synch manually.
2. TD uses FireFox 9.0.1.
I dont use Appigos desktop.
I seldom create tasks on my Iphone. I may modify or mark them completed by usually not created there.
I haven't been able to find a pattern of which tasks are out of synch. But it seems like they were older, some repeating tasks created on my Mac. When I saw them on the Iphone I searched and tried all the views but they didn't appear on the Mac, even after connecting both devices to the website. They only appearred n the Iphone.
I'm not sure what I did but after awhile of trying all the views "completed", etc, closing the page, etc. somehow they appeared on the Mac.
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