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Posted: May 08, 2013


I've been a long user of Toodledo on the web and on the Android.

Recently I gave my wife an iPhone, and would like to put a simple tasks application on it for her, but ideally that can be synced with the web.

A full-blown Toodledo app and account is way too sophisticated for what she needs, but then I thought: if I can sync with her iPhone only tasks that are under a certain tag or folder, that would be ideal (both for syncing and for me to assign her tasks via web or even from my Android).

I don't want to sync all tasks with her iPhone, because a lot have to do with my work and daily things, and that would just get in her way.

Before I commit for the official Toodledo app (or any other app), I would like to find one that can do as I'm saying.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,


Posted: Mar 16, 2012
From Topic: Reporting


I found a couple of (old) topics and requests mentioning different kind of reports.

I came here searching exactly for this. I have some repair work going on at home, and listed the tasks in Toodledo. The construction worker asked me to give him a list (paper) with the tasks (forget it - no e-mail, no computer, no technology).

I would like to generate a report with the tasks of a specific folder. But not a CSV or XML list: just a nicely formatted (readable) report. Could be straight in HTML, or DOC or PDF.

I believe a reporting tool is a must for Toodledo. You could add a "generate report" button for whatever is on the screen: a Folder, Tag(s), Context, Location, search results, etc.

THanks for your attention.