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Posted: Apr 16, 2009

Posted by Toodledo:

3) When syncing your tasks to a calendar, like iCal or Google Calendar, the tasks will now be properly placed on the calendar at the time of day when they occur. You use start-date, start-time, due-date and due-time to specific when the event will appear on the calendar. If you omit one of the dates, we'll use the other date. If you omit one of the times, we will attempt to calculate it from the "length" field, otherwise it will be a zero length task or and all-day event if no times are specified. This should give people the flexibility that they need to keep track of tasks and events. Along with this, we have also fixed two iCal related bugs. Timezones will now be correctly applied, and non-english characters such as Chinese or Russian will now appear correctly in Google Calendar.

I subscribe to my Toodledo iCal with Outlook 2007. Before these changes, all tasks would appear in Outlook as all-day tasks. Now, tasks without a Start or Due Time appear in Outlook as tasks set at 12:00am. This is a bummer, as those tasks are no longer visible on-screen without scrolling the calendar.

Any ideas?

Posted: Nov 08, 2008

I use the online spreadsheet at editgrid.com. It has remote data functions that can pull data from various internet-connected sources.

Specifically, it has a function called web_csv() that can import CSV data from other web sites. I tried using this function by pointing it at the url "http://www.toodledo.com/csv.php", but it didn't work. I assume there is an intentional authentication barrier here.

Editgrid can also import RSS, which seems to work fine. I enabled RSS on my toodledo account and used the web_feed() function to display my active To-Do list.

As a feature request, it might be nice to have a "secret URL path" to the CSV data.

Posted: Jul 29, 2008
From Topic: Linux client in bash

Very cool script, thanks for this.