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Posted: Mar 03, 2013

Happy Birthday!

This requirement is 2 years old ... and no official android app yet ... still hiring? :-p

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Posted: Aug 18, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
We want to make one, and we have made some progress, but we don't currently have enough developers to make this go fast enough.

We are hiring. http://www.toodledo.com/info/jobs.php

I can't see any android, java or mobile skills on those postings ... am I wrong?

Posted: Aug 15, 2012

My tasks got duplicated 3X after an update of one of these 3rd party tools (DGT GTD) ...

Posted: Jul 08, 2012

Posted by tariqbamadhaj:
I just started using Toodletasks and it works great. They have a phone and tablet version ehich I love.

It does not seem to have a trial version and the most recent reviews tell about it being sluggish, buggy and having troubles with the synchronisation ... I won't try yet another "hopefully-working" 3rd party app ...

I believe I won't renew my pro account:
I'll be glad to do it as soon as toodledo has got a fully-functional and easy-to-use _official_ android app...

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Posted: Jul 07, 2012

Posted by jp_tmn:
Given that Toodledo's API is freely available, there are 3rd party options that do a fantastic job.

I've tried several of these 3rd party apps and each have their own 'annoyances', e.g.:

does not support all toodledo features and goodies (e.g. goals' chains) and regularly I have to fight with suddenly duplicated tasks ...
synchronising multiple devices (e.g.: phone + tablet) is 'pain in the back'...

-Ultimate TODO List
dunno why but it is often unusable on my devices because the touch becomes unresponsive ... (cyanogenmod?)
Its interface and widget are 'ridiculous' and old fashioned for the price ($5 for tablet or the phone license)

Sorry to say, but I start to miss the RTM android app...

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Posted: Jun 10, 2012

+1 for authentication support for the ICS urls.

(RTM supports this since a long time ...)

Posted: Jun 09, 2012

+1 for an Official Android app

... all the 3rd party apps suck one way or another ...