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Posted: Jul 08, 2014

It appears that it is possible to set the time of an alarm only by selecting from a limited list of predefined values. That is a serious limitation. For example, I would like to be reminded of a task set for the middle of tomorrow afternoon at the end of today. That would require something like 18 hours before. As far as I understand, there is no way to do it. That is really surprising. Other similar applications, like Google Calendar, allow to type in any value you want. It is even more surprising in view of the fact that Toodledo gives a lot of latitude in inputs into other fields and correctly converts the free input into a standard, expected value.

Posted: Jun 03, 2014

How can I create a custom filter that would filter out all tasks with, for example, a due date coming sooner than in 10 days from today (including dates in the past) without specifying an exact date?

In other words, I would like to have a stored custom filter that would work based on the current system system date, not on a date specified explicitly as a constant.

Thank you.

Posted: Dec 30, 2012

Considering the power of saved searches... Is there a way to open a saved search for modification and see the previous conditions instead of the blank page? That should be pretty easy to do programatically. Filters for my saved searches are pretty complex, with numerous conditions. As far as I understand, there is currently no way to tweak the conditions other than to retype everything anew. And the most effective way to save the previous conditions is ... to make a screenshot. Can we do it a little more efficiently? I have always thought that computers exist for serving people, not vise versa...

Posted: Dec 16, 2012

I find it a little inconvenient that the main, container task, which is essentially a title of a "project", shows up in the lists along with its subtasks, which represent actual tasks itself. So, when you are changing something in a subtask, say, priority or due date, you need to decide also what to do to the container task; otherwise, it will show up in situations where you do not want it to. Does anybody have a practice, set of rules how to handle this situation?

Posted: Nov 13, 2011
From Topic: Assignor field

Assignor field is disabled in my tasks. Why and what is this field for in general?