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Posted: Mar 29, 2011

Same problem as user above - lots of crashes - no discernible pattern

Posted: Feb 18, 2011
From Topic: Returnees Unite

Agree totally with Salgud & Kevin

Have tried at least briefly most of the other solutions out there, but I found that whenever life got really, really tough and stressful, Toodledo was the one I could absolutely rely on. A bit like putting on comfortable sweats, they may not look fantastic, but boy, are you glad to put them on.

I don't HAVE to have cloud sync, but my goodness it helps! Especially with 2 mobile devices. The other thing I love is that with TD I'm not restricted to one app on my devices, there are several I can use. All have their good/not so good points.

I love the fact that I can access my lists wherever I am as long as I can get an internet connection, that's all I need.

Like others I periodically go back and look at the Things forums to see if anything has changed (or looks likely to change), but it never has. Such a shame.

Still, love the way help is always available here and such a lot to learn from other users, not just in the way they use TD, but the way they manage their lists. Good stuff.

Posted: Jan 13, 2010

Crashing issue with new update.

I can repeat this every time.

Open app at top level
choose Contexts
choose one
choose a task and open it
scroll down to to bottom.

At this point the app crashes for me and closes altogether before I can even do anything

I have rebooted the phone. I'm running all the latest updates of everything on iPhone 3gs

is anyone else seeing this?

Posted: Aug 04, 2009

Flickering problem now resolved with new update - thank you

Posted: Jul 22, 2009

It's really hard to describe in words, but I'll try.

I open Toodledo, and all is fine. I wait for it to sync, all is fine. I go to any section, Hotlist, starred, contexts, anything and the next screen appears absolutely fine.

When I press Home to go back to the top level screen it slides back to the top level screen which appears correctly for an instant and then disappears for a split second and then reappears very quickly, but almost seems to jump upwards and then back down slightly at the same time, making it look as though the app is unstable, and jerky.

It's not unstable, it all works really well, it just looks bad and kind of makes you feel insecure, that it's about to crash or something.

For me it's 100% repeatable on every section all the time.

Do you think there's any point in uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
(This is on iPhone 3GS in case that makes a difference.)

Posted: Jul 22, 2009

I agree, it is very obvious. If you are using the app a lot (and I do) it makes you feel a bit seasick after a while!

It's a shame as the rest is brilliant.

Posted: Jul 21, 2009

Since the update, my Toodledo seems to do a little jerk/jump/stutter whenever I go back to the home page after going into any of the sections eg Hotlist, Starred etc. I'm sure it didn't used to do this.

Anyone else seeing this? Should I reinstall?

Posted: Jul 17, 2009

Reminders only seem to work for me if wifi is switched off. This isn't just Toodledo, it's all of the new 'push' notifications.

If I am on 3g everything works fine.

If wifi is turned on, but I'm using 3g as there is no wifi present, they don't work.

If wifi on and using it, they don't work.

I can see from the forums that a lot of people are finding this. It applies to all apps using this sytem it seems, and it's only some wifi situations. I've heard that some people's notifications work fine on their work wifi, but not on their home wifi!

It's all a bit of a pain, so has anyone on here found a way round this?

Posted: Apr 27, 2009
From Topic: Todo 2 now out

The new version of Todo has just come out and I've just downloaded it, it is really good. There are lots of new things, checklists, you can now sms direct from a task and best of all sub tasks. It all seems to be working just as fast and stable as ever - think this one's a keeper for me.

Posted: Apr 07, 2009
From Topic: Ultimate Todos

Thank you for sharing that news with us. I wonder exactly how many developers are in this position at this moment, having submitted an update over 10 days ago and left wondering what's going on. It's very bad for the developer and not a very professional way to carry on business by Apple.

This is not the way to impress the enterprise market.

Posted: Apr 05, 2009

There's no sign of this update yet, submitted 19 days ago! I would really like to use this app, but have found the date problem makes it unuseable - what a shame for the developer (and for us).