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Posted: Oct 10, 2008

Some new feature requests:

Remember the task list that I'm viewing and return to it when I open the app again. I don't want to be taken to the overall task list every time I launch the app, and then have to navigate to the list "All" list (which is where I usually live).

I like the Appigo ToDo way of showing dates due/overdue. When I sort by date due I need to be able to see more easily which tasks are overdue, which are due today, etc.

Repeat: sync button on the main screen

Question: will you add the ability to sync Notebooks?

Posted: Oct 08, 2008

I own Appigo ToDo but bought your app immediately. Looks great. A coupld suggestions: I really would like to see a sync button on the home screen. And a way to set the default folder. (By the way, is there a way to set the default folder in Toodledo on the web?)

Great job! I look forward to watching this app evolve.

Posted: Sep 13, 2008
From Topic: Timed tasks

Posted by Toodledo:

Please check out item #2 in the Top Feature Requests announcement in this forum :)


Great! Here's my vote to move it to item #1 on the list!!!

Posted: Sep 13, 2008
From Topic: Timed tasks

I have a particular need about the ONE thing that stops me from using Toodledo.

I need to be able to add a time due to a task (I know, I can do that now), and then receive an email notification at a PARTICULAR time (say, 15 minutes) before that task is due. I know I can receive email notifications for timed tasks now too, but is lacking is the ability to determine more precisely than just 1-2 hours before the task is due. That's not good enough for a person with many small but CRITICAL tasks due at a specific time.

Do you have any plans to give your users more precise control over the email notification feature? Please say yes, because everything else about Toodledo is fantastic!

Posted: Aug 12, 2008
From Topic: Due Time on iPhone

Will you (soon?) be adding the ability to add due times when creating a new task by EMAIL?

Posted: Aug 07, 2008

Is it possible to create a new task via the email import feature, and add a time to the task? I see how to add date, context, etc with the special syntax, but not how to add TIME. This is critical for me!