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Bhaskar Iyer

Posted: Aug 19, 2008


Thanks for the quick reply. I used the "I forgot" link for password reset as you suggested even though I did not set the password initially as I setup my account using Openid login. I received the system generated password through email but it still does not allow me to login through that password or change it to a new password.

However I was able to configure my firefox plugin with the system password. So in a round about way my problem has been fixed.

Just curious, is it possible to have both openid login and a normal login with user name and password?
Bhaskar Iyer

Posted: Aug 18, 2008


Your help file says that you can create a new password in your account setting if you are using openid to login and want to use the firefox plugin. However when you try to set the new password, it asks you to enter the old password and gives you this error message if you leave it blank.

"Your entered your old password incorrectly.
Your new password was not saved."

Ideally if you created your account using openid login, the old password field should not show up at all. Has any one successfully used BOTH openid login and firefox plugin? Please Help.