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Posted: May 03, 2014

I've stopped using Toodledo several months ago and began searching for a new task management app. The primary reason was that I was told that subtasks were not available on the iPad app, even with a subscription. Now it appears that may not be true anymore. Ether the feature was recently added or I was misinformed.

Can anyone confirm that subtasks is available on the iPad/iPhone app with the purchase of a subscription? I primarily used the app as a standalone from the website and this is my preferred method. I have an iPad 4 and iPhone 5s both running OS 7.

Any clarification is greatly appreciated.

Posted: Jul 20, 2013

On the iPad is there a way to customize the menu to the left side of the screen? I'd like to be able to easily filter by start date to see what tasks I should be starting on a particular day.


Posted: Oct 07, 2012

Thanks! That is helpful.

Posted: Oct 06, 2012

I am thinking of upgrading to one of the pro versions, but I use Toodledo primarily on my iPad/iPhone. Could you tell me which pro features are not available via the mobile app? Sorry if I'm posting this question in the wrong forum.


Posted: Feb 15, 2012

That's it! I knew it had to be something simple/silly.

Thanks, really appreciate it.

Posted: Feb 12, 2012

When sorting my tasks I have sorted by folder, then due date and time, then priority. This has grouped the due dates together for me in a folder as I wanted but it also seems to place the tasks due sooner(i.e. today or tomorrow) at the bottom of the list and those due later at the top. Is there a way to reverse this in that those task due sooner are at the top of the list within the respective folder?

For reference I use Toodledo on an iPad and iPhone.

Thanks for the help!

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