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Posted: Mar 08, 2009
From Topic: Due Date

Same issue here. Dates on the iPhone are behind by 1 day.

iPhone Due Date = 3/5/09
Toodledo Web Site = 3/6/09

To fix it, on the iPhone I went to Synchronization > Modify Account Login > Force Toodledo.com -> iPhone Sync

Actually something is still messed up. I added a new task "Test" on the iPhone and made it due 3/9/09 (tomorrow). The date synced correctly to Toodledo.com, and the date shows correctly on the iPhone.

But on the iPhone when I go to the "Due Dates" filter and choose "Today" (3/8), my "Test" task is showing up there when it should actually be in "Tomorrow".

I verified that my time zone and date are correct on the iPhone.

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Posted: Nov 12, 2008
From Topic: Reminders

Makes sense, thanks!

It also appears there's a known issue with T-Mo's email to SMS gateway...


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Posted: Nov 11, 2008
From Topic: Reminders

Okay, here's something odd. I setup a Calendar event in Google Calendar and it was able to send the SMS fine to my iPhone.

It must have to do with the way that ToodleDo is formatting the SMS? Is there a way to adjust the format of the SMS that ToodleDo sends out?

Posted: Nov 11, 2008
From Topic: Reminders

Okay, I just did a DURRRR...

I tried emailing myself using my ####@tmomail.net address, and it didn't come through. I'm using my iPhone on T-Mo, and it appears that T-Mo does some type of conversion on their end that sends the message as an MMS, which the iPhone can't receive.

So I guess I'm SOL on this (other than loading a 3rd-party MMS program, or waiting for Apple to add MMS)... :-(

I guess I'll just setup my Tasks to shoot a reminder email in the meantime.

Posted: Nov 11, 2008
From Topic: Reminders

How does the current SMS reminder system determine when to send out the reminder? I've been testing reminders all day and haven't received any. I verified my email to SMS gateway is correct. Any ideas?