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Posted: Oct 28, 2013

Anyone else have problems with the toodeldo app "freezing" at random times?

Posted: Jun 14, 2013

I am currently using and developing UniTimer: https://www.unitimer.com/

The goal is to create a Time Tracker that can do more of the work for you by providing suggestion on what time hours to register. This is done by tracking computer activity and fetching information from your calendar.

We are currently in beta, and very open for suggestions and thoughts on whats important for the next generation time trackers :)

Posted: May 11, 2013
From Topic: iOS App Version 3.0.5

Broke my sync :/ Had to reinstall the app again to get it to work

Posted: May 11, 2013

I was unable to logon and sync on 3G on my ihpone. Worked when i got home though. Said password wrong when i was on 3G.

But now my phone-app and the web browser is out of sync. Even when i force sync web-app to iphone app....

Posted: Apr 19, 2013

Thank you :D

Posted: Mar 01, 2013

Love the new features where you can expand the context, due dates, priority and so forth! And te fact that they stay open!

Posted: Feb 26, 2013

What is new in this app? Basically the same, but just more clicks to get somewhere :/

I would like to get:
* Custom search
* More flexible filtering and sort: Why cant i have different sort in my Hotlist and on my Priority view?

Posted: Feb 09, 2013

Two-way syns would be awsome. Hoping for this feature soon :) And perhaps enhanced caldender view in toodledo(including appointments made in gcal)

Love your work. I have tried a lot of todo apps, And toodledo is the best by far. Coming from Nozbe now and this is ten times better. So powerfull customizeable filtering and views! Thats whats make or break a GTD system. Lacking on gcal integrering though. A bit strange not to have built in Project as a category and on the usability side entering new task and editing can be improved.

Would love integration with Google contacts! And have people as a category similar to location. Or perhaps caldender events as well. So i could go into a meeting and see all task related to that meeting or the persons attending.

Posted: Feb 05, 2013

Any way to assign multiple locations? Lets say i can go shopping on five different stores?

Posted: Feb 05, 2013

Basically i want to create a task, such as work-out, that is recurring but do not have a do date. I want to complete a task, and then have it created again the next day

Is that possible or how will that work?