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Posted: Aug 15, 2013

I am using the folders.add.php method to create a folder "Folder-3". Via the API, all looks good, here's the response from the server:


This looks pretty much the same as other folders that were created via the Web UI. I can even associate tasks with the folder and that seems good via the API as well. But when I go to the Web UI the behavior is somewhat broken:

* Tasks tab view by Main, the Folder column for the tasks in this new folder is blank. The tasks are grouped by folder, and all the tasks in this new folder are grouped together under an empty labeled folder.

* Tasks tab view by Folder, the new folder does *not* show up on the left. But, clicking on All Tasks, now the new folder shows up in the Folder column as well in the group heading as expected.

* Click 'edit folders...' and the new folder *does* show up in the list just like the other folders, not archived and not private. *But* if I click on the new folder name for a task assigned to it, the new folder name is *not* in the drop-list and the task defaults back to No Folder.

I tried logging out and back in, and that did not fix the problem.

At some point it clears up, but I can't tell why.

Posted: Jan 30, 2012

Hi, thanks for your response.

That's incorrect behavior. To take your example, if I'm based in CA and setup an meeting for 10am, I expect it to be Pacific time. If I then have to travel to NY and then attend that meeting, it's not happening at 10am local time, it's at 1pm local time, so I expect my calendar application to give me the option to set the timezone. I change my *local* timezone to NY, and all my appointments shift to NY time. This is *standard* timezone behavior. Look at any calendar application, such as Microsoft Outlook.

If you do not support this, why can I set the timezone on the account settings page? If all times are GMT, then there's no point in setting my timezone.