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Posted: Apr 22, 2013

toodleTasks Phone Edition is now available on BlackBerry 10.

It support most of the toodledo features including but not limited to context, start date, repeat tasks and reminders.



Posted: Jun 27, 2012
From Topic: Server side cache

Thanks for your quick response. I'm using api 2.0. I the update fails, the sync should normally abort. But I'll double check thant.

Posted: Jun 26, 2012
From Topic: Server side cache

My sync function updload a modified task to toodledo and then fetch the task back from the server. This works fine for most users but I have some users who complain that after uploading a modified task, the old taks is fetched back. Is there any server-side cache or delay that could explain this (i.e that even after a task is modified on the server an old task is retrieved)?

thanks in advance for your response.

Posted: Apr 26, 2012


I'm the developer of toodleTasks. I recently ported my app from webos to android (and blackberry). If you are looking for a clean interface and support for all the majors toodledo features you can take a look at my app at www.prodisoft.ch

Posted: Apr 26, 2012


I'm the developer of toodleTasks a task application that got very positive reviews on webOS. Recently I ported the app to android (and BlackBerry). It has a very clean interface and a robust sync process. Also it support all the majors toodledo features (including tags) so I think it might be suitable for you.

you can visit my website for more info: www.prodisoft.ch

Posted: Oct 17, 2011

I have toodledo rescheduling the tasks for my app. But the following use case don't work:
1) The user create a new repeat task
2) The user complete the task
3) The user sync the task
=> the tasks is not rescheduled

If the user sync the task before completing it, the task is rescheduled correctly.

Is there a way to solve this problem?