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Posted: Apr 14, 2014

Thanks also for this feature, very helpful!

Just as a quick followup for Salgud's point, some critical missing features can change the way Toodledo is used. On this note I would really like to see at least partial IOS support for Outlines (and I know others would like lists).

I have moved many of my tasks to the outlines to simulate sub-sub tasks in the case where I do not have a hard due date.

Most of my tasks are now in outlines, since they are fast and powerful, however the fact that they are not available on IOS is forcing me to rethink this strategy... Essentially I can only keep non critical tasks in outlines, since I currently do not have offline access to them.

Posted: Feb 19, 2014
From Topic: Folder functionality

Can't you do all or most of this using an advanced search

for example where folder "contains" WORK or PERSONAL?

Posted: Dec 03, 2013


would it be possible to add an option "View Checked" in the outline section.

This will be useful to view ONLY those items which are checked, currently we can only toggle if they are hidden.

For large outlines, this would be useful filter to quickly find only those items which are completed.

Posted: Nov 27, 2013

Posted by Salgud:
I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed that this is what you've been working on these last few months. It seems to me that there are a lot of features that people are clamoring for more than this. It's hard for me to imagine that you have that many customers who can't afford $5 or less for a mobile app, whether it's TD's or someone elses.

I agree with Salgud, and as TD support correctly points out the offline mobile site will never be as fast and feature rich as a 5$ app which is nothing for subcribers paying 30$ a year...

so why not just work on an android App to keep this group happy rather than supporting apps and offline web sites... I am a senior developer myself and can attest that the effort in developing and maintaining an offline website in javascript far outweighs an equivalent app. The advantage of course is that one mobile website will serve all groups, however the IPhone /Ipad group which is surely the largest already has an app which kills the mobile website in terms of functionality, speed ...

Also, +1 for the universal search request, with the new outline and list tabs which I use heavily and I am very happy with, I am sometimes finding it hard to find items.

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Posted: Nov 20, 2013

Hello, just tested , it works, thanks for the followup!

Posted: Nov 19, 2013


for anyone who is interested, I have made a small autohotkey script which maps the arrow keys and shift arrows to navigate in the outlines... I could not get used to the j,k which I really don't find intuitive...

here it is, paste it into a file with the .ahk extension, download and install autohotkey (for free) and then double click on the script. Note that I also added the Page Down key in outline modes which I use a a substitute for space bar to toggle the outline. This allows me to navigate and open/close with the arrows and page down which is located in the same area. So you can navigate with one hand...


#IfWinActive Toodledo : Outline ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1
Down::Send, j
Up::Send, k
+Down::Send, +j
+Up::Send, +k
+Right::Send, {Tab}
+Left::Send, +{Tab}
^Right::Send, {Tab}
^Left::Send, +{Tab}
PgDn::Send, {Space}

Posted: Nov 19, 2013

Hello, thanks for your reply.

I just reproduced the issue to confirm, here is a simple case, with 1 entry and 3 sub entries

TEST 123
Test 2
Test 3

I use the delete key to delete Test 2
Test 123 AND Test 3 are highlighted, on Chrome, I would add a screenshot, but I can't attach here...

Also I just tested the case with no sub entries i.e.

If you delete test2, the ONLY test1 (or the top most entry of the outline) is highlighted. so this case works. I think if you test deleting a sub-entry you will reproduce the issue on Chrome.

To answer your question, in the confirmation screen, yes the information is correct. Unfortunately when I am quickly processing my outline, my assumption is that the highlighted entry I am looking at will be deleted, so on more than one occasion I have quickly confirmed without reading... I am now more attentive and I am moving more to the checkbox, but this bug needs to be fixed, not a blocker, but definitely critical/major...

The issue with the checkboxes is that there is no shortcut key to delete checked entries ( please add this as a feature request). The main advantage of the outlines is the ability to quickly process and update it compared to tasks, so the shortcut keys are important.

thanks for your followup,

This message was edited Nov 19, 2013.

Posted: Nov 18, 2013

In the outline section on Chrome (I haven't tested others), there is a very annoying and harmful bug.

After deleting the highlighted entry with the delete key, there are 2 entries which are highlighted, the entry after the entry which was deleted AND the top entry in the list.

the problem is that the actual active entry is the top entry in the list, not the item adjacent to the deleted item.

I have lost a lot of work due to this bug! What happens is I delete an entry, and then want to delete the next entry , but instead of deleting the highlighted entry it deletes the first entry in the list which is also highlighted! In an outline it has happened on multiple occasions that the first entry in the list actually contains a huge subtree. So the highlight bug can cause the irreversible loss of huge amounts of work.

For me this is a critical issue. I mentioned this in the forums as minor previously since I thought it was just cosmetic, but this is critical.

Posted: Oct 24, 2013

I also agree with the proliferation of tabs and have indicated in the forums that there lacks unity. In particular:

Notes works on folder, no support for tags
outlines and lists: no tags, although keywords

I am already having a hard time to find stuff because of the lack of consistency (I would really like to apply the same set of tags across all tabs). In addition it would be very helpful to have a global search (independent of tab).

Multi-line option in the outline section would essentially make notes redundant.

I am actually starting to like the lists :), but a lack of a clean link to a task or to be able to apply the same tag as in my tasks (or search globally) is making it difficult to integrate cleanly.

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Posted: Oct 18, 2013
From Topic: Outlines and Lists

Jake, I really like the tags support, and I have moved most of my stuff to tags which is more flexible than folders. However the Notes section does not support tags, Please add this as a feature request, it is really hard to organize the sections based on different criteria.

As another feature request, at some point it would be nice to be able to search across all sections based on a tag (i.e. a way to click on a tag and find all tasks, notes, outlines, lists related to the tag)

I use toodledo very intensively and actually I already have issues trying to find stuff...


Posted: Oct 10, 2013

There is a small outlines bug:

After deleting the selected item, two elements are highlighted: the element after the deleted element and the fist element on the top of the outline page.

This is reproduceable on Chrome. The one at the top is the "active" one, but this is confusing since we were staring at the area where we just deleted an item, and the following item is also highlighted.

Posted: Oct 01, 2013

Since the outlines have come I have :

1. moved all my tasks which do not have a hard due date to the outlines. I am a musician, so this can be a list of jazz pieces I would lke to learn at some point in the future, CDs I would like to buy etc, I also develop software at work, so any ideas which I can implement later are stored in outlines.

2. Leveraged the feature to store all my ideas which are not real tasks.

3. Store lists: I also use it like the lists section, but I realize that lists allows you to strictly define the strucutre, however, for my needs I don't really need the structure and as others have said I prefer Google docs for lists.

the advantages I see with the outline:

-the shortcut keys, once mastered, allow you to add/remove tasks very quickly
-change/reorganize the tasks wth a few keystrokes , also very fast
- export of hiearchy: very useful, I often export and then email the list.

adding /organizing tasks is much, much slower than working with outlines, but in some cases I do need the full task feature, however for me these are now mostly repeated tasks or urgent tasks (due in a week).

Jake: if you are reading please vote +1 for a multiline feature, we would then no longer need the notes section, for me it is mainly the notes which is redundant, NOT the outlines.

This message was edited Oct 01, 2013.

Posted: Sep 05, 2013
From Topic: Sub Sub Tasks

I love toodledo, but I do not use it for large scale project management, it lacks some key features which are critical for large projects such as:

dependency modelling (and gantt charts)
cost estimations/risk assessment
resource availability

I don't really expect this from Toodledo, for me these two areas are different. In the same way, I would not use Microsoft Project for my personal todolist (even if it was free, it is just overkill)

What's great about TD, is that it is fast, simple, intuitive and fun to use...

Posted: Aug 30, 2013

Check the NEWS Forum, there is a workaround and it works for me on 4s.

JAKE: thanks for this key feature! In fact, I had stopped using the searches, since these were not available on IOS, I am very, very happy to see this functionality, which really is a huge step for the scalability of the app to handle hundreds/ thousands of tasks... which is essential for task management is small projects.


Posted: Aug 20, 2013

Posted by Jake:
The search box on the left side of the page should already do a global search across all outlines and outline items.

Jake: thanks for the feedback, I didn't see this, actually I just tested again and it works, but there is a small issue which is why I didn't see it. It looks like if the match occurs in a section which is collapsed, it is not highlighted. It would be nice either to:

a) highlight the collapsed section (might not be intuitive, but perhaps in a different color) OR
b) open the collapsed section and highlight the entry (this would be my preference)

As it is currently implemented, I need to uncollapse all to find the entry I am searching for, which is clumsy, and not really intuitive...

Posted: Aug 19, 2013

The new short cut keys ROCK especially moving items up and down with Shift! I have moved most of my tasks which do not have hard due dates or are non repeating into outlines...

I have a small issue though, I have so much in the outlines, it is not so easy to search.

Would it be possible to add a global search box which would find both matching outlines AND outline entries? It might actually be better to reuse the existing search box but just add a checkbox so that it would optionally search within outlines as well.

I also think that the multiline support would really help, the Notes tab would then become much less important, possibly redundant...

FYI: I am still regularly seeing the error message "unable to fetch outlines from server" which is strange since I am logged into the site and have it open basically the whole work day... I think others have reported similar issues. However the error message is much more helpful now since I no longer lose data.

This message was edited Aug 19, 2013.

Posted: Jul 19, 2013

Posted by DanH:

Also I wish the setting were part of the repeat dialog for each item, rather than global. Some repeating items (pay quarterly taxes) are high priority as soon as they become current, but others are not.

I have also started using the star, but I do think a generalization is needed. I mentioned in another post that the repeating needs a way to store the state of a task when it is created , the star feature does this only for the star.

I think a nice generalization would be to have an attribute "RepeatState" which we could click which would store that state as the way the task will be repeated. This would be really useful for subtasks which are within a parent task. It would solve both the issues with setting all attributes which are likely to change including the star, but most importantly when the subtask is marked completed it would still reappear in an uncompleted state when the parent repeats, which for me (and surely others) would be very useful.

That said, the unstar feature helps a lot since it solves a common use case!

This message was edited Jul 19, 2013.

Posted: Jul 10, 2013

not sure if this is on your todolist, but it would be really nice to add some more shortcut keys to the outline section.

In particular:
something like Ctrl-j,Ctrl-k to move the currently selected item up or down would be very, very helpful.

It is quite clumsy to use the mouse for this since I find it is really not so easy to correctly position the item (on chrome) so that it goes where I would like it to move to, also would be much faster.

This would also allow us to perform most manipulations with the keyboard.

Posted: Jul 04, 2013

Posted by Paula_99:

For those who are complaining about Tasks not linking back to Outlines, I think what you really want is a better Sub-task management system. Outlines are meant to be very high-level, brainstorming/brain dump style tools. Once you attach all the other parameters, it's really a task.

I used to be one of the people who would vote for a full subtask hierarchy, honestly, I will no longer be requesting this. Outlines kick butt for modelling subtasks efficiently. The whole point for me is that as I move into these sub-sub-sub tasks, I no longer need the full capability of whole task, and I don't want to set all the fields. Outlines perform this quickly and intuitively...

I am also looking forward to IOS support, one thing I noticed is that I don't see how the workaround of copying the link to an outline in the notes can ever give proper IOS support for the NON Pro Plus user, ( I am Pro only).

Posted: Jul 03, 2013

Posted by Jason Bushell:
... it seems to me more relevant to link a task to a node in the Outline rather than a task to an entire outline.

Unless that task is "complete the entire outline" im not sure how the functionality will help.

I agree, and actually I would go further. i am interested in the case of a repeating task with an outline to enforce a sequence which can be ticked off (this models many situations).

for me there is a conceptual "bug" with the implementation. When the task repeats, it repeats with the outline in its current state. I really need the outline in its initial unticked stated.

This for me is the standard use case when I have a repeating task. This should definitely be an option an arguably the default. It seems to be that when a task repeats it is created anew with the state "incomplete", so why would attached outline remain in its ticked off state???

The same is currently true with repeated tasks which have subtasks. The subtasks which are marked as complete do not get reset when the parent task is repeated.

I was actually hoping the outlines could fill this gap, but it appears that the same limitation exists here.

I would actually happily upgrade to the full account (currently pro) to have the link between task/outline, but in the absence of proper support for the repeating behaviour this is hard for me to justify. I would currently have to create an outline template, clone it, rename it, and then re-attach.

It would really be nice if the option was also added for repeating tasks with subtasks. the current behaviour is really not intuitive, and forces us to use the template workaround, when a clean solution would be available if the task/subtask combination could repeat itself (optionally) with all task states reset to incomplete.
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