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Posted: Jan 06, 2012

I use folders as areas of focus. I am not using goals because it only gives me three choices unlike the horizons. I do not need Toodledo to tell me that a project is on hold. I only need the hotlist to know the next action. During review I will reassess.

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Posted: Jan 06, 2012

I am new to Toodledo but everyone else is right about the others do not give me everything I need. I am surprised that no one here has talked about Hotlist for sorting.

I have 10 areas of focus at my work so I place those in folders in addition to one for work general and personal. I originally thought that context would be important but I sit at a desk so everything is available to me. I am also using start date, due date, status, priority, alarm, and the repeat function.

Hotlist will sort using due date, priority, and next action. This way overdue items are at the top. On time items with top priority are next. I am emailed every morning with this list. I use the start date to keep items out of this list and due time as a way to calendar when to do things at specific parts of the day. Just today I forgot about a task that I had programed the night before and then all of a sudden the rooster alarm on my I pad goes off and an email pops up on outlook to tell me what to do next.

You should not have to search items or go through the pains of numbering. I delete completed tasks to get them out of the system and I am not using subfolders yet. I will simply update tasks. I am using voicemail for capture since it is linked to my email. I make use of forwarding non-voice emails to toodledoo to make new tasks and they go directly to the work general folder.

David Allen told us that this system is to help us not think of what to do next so that our minds remain clear. Toodledo is doing that. I could probably make this work on Outlook by trying to calendar everything and use tasks and reminders. But that is too much work. Toodledo is designed to make lists and the hotlist is the only one I use. It is the focus activity of my reviews.