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Derek Pedersen

Posted: Nov 12, 2012
From Topic: Updated Web UI


I would like to make a comment on the webui. I apologize if this comes out sounding harsh, it's meant to be helpful.

I would really like the developers to update the website UI. This whole methodology of moving your mouse outside of an area to save the changes is not idea at all. I realize the subtleties of saving data on the web as I design web apps. However, the way it's done in the UI drives me crazy.

Add in save buttons, open up dialog boxes to display and save changes, anything but moving your mouse around...

- If I want to copy text to another window, I have to click in the text box, which then puts it in edit mode, which then reformats the text in the box forcing me to search for the text I just wanted to copy again. It's little stuff like this that can make Toodledo hard to work with.

Since this is a question forum... Are there any plans to update the UI in the future?