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Posted: Mar 22, 2009

I figured out that there are sometimes delays while the servers talk with each other; this is dependent on your setting for send/receive in Outlook and the frequency of automatic sync in Toodledo.

BUT, something just arbitrarly wiped out all my tasks on their website, then on my iPhone. I got to my Outlook and turned things off before I lost everything on Outlook too. I run a business that relies an extensive use of tasks, so I'm outta here until someone comes up with a more robust system. It's too bad that Apple hasn't (yet) included task sync in it's upcoming 3.0 OS.


Posted: Mar 19, 2009

When I sync tasks between Outlook (2007) and Toodledo online, the sync seems to go only from Toodledo to Outlook. In other words, when I make changes to my Outlook tasks and then sync, Toodledo then forces Outlook back to the pre-change tasks. I'm tempted to delete all the tasks in Toodledo and start over, but I'm afraid that Toodledo will then sync my Outlook back to zero tasks. So, how can I ensure that a sync will respect changes both ways?