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Posted: May 14, 2013
From Topic: iOS App Version 3.0.5

Posted by paul_1351977321:
I do the same thing in that I am careful never to update Toodledo. I took the additional step of copying "Toodledo 3.0.1.ipa" to a safe place so that if I were to update by mistake I could restore it. I hope the Toodledo team provides the 3.0.1 interface as an option, because I will immediately become a Pro user when they do.

Posted by Edu:
Posted by paul_1351977321:
Does 3.0.5 provide an option to use the interface from 3.0.1? Is that one of the "updates on the way soon?" Thanks.

I'm still using 3.0.1 ... I update my iPhone whenever any new release of apps appears, but being careful not upgrade Toodledo. I'll wait to see if any upcoming update brings the option of at least parts of 3.0.1, for me, the best in terms of usability and visual so far. I really like Toodledo, but liked the old interface or, on the other hand, some things I did not like on the new interface ...

I will be the broken record.

Although it is nice that 3.04 and 3.0.5 are getting faster for users of 3.0.2/3.0.3, what will happen when our 3.0.1 app breaks down? I don't want to be forced to switch to the newer UI or a different app.

Isn't there a way to have 2 apps? I mentioned 2 apps again because it seems the newer UI is getting faster but it is still not as fast as 3.0.1 or 2.X.X so themes or a change in stylesheets might not work that much.

Is it about cost? I use Toodledo daily and would be willing to buy a 5 year subscription when there's a great chance that in 3 years I'll switch to a smartphone running Mer.

This is not my way of saying "name your price" or "take the blank on your way out" but more of a complaint that to keep using our favorite UI we have to forgo updates and improvements.

Posted: Feb 28, 2013

Posted by Christoph Dollis:
I like the idea of forking the Toodledo app project, but as a temporary measure, not a permanent one.

It would, long term, be a burden on Toodledo developers and support to have two versions (I think; they can correct me if I'm wrong).

However, obviously there are recognized problems with the new Toodledo app and a significant number of users are displeased. So, perhaps Toodledo could revert to the old app in its present development channel and launch the "Toodledo BETA" app also.

This would allow thorough, widespread testing (users could even install both apps on the same device), and even if customers didn't like the new app's performance, they wouldn't have any reason to complain. It could be a public relations win.

Finally, when the new app is working better from both a performance and design standpoint (the button size issues people, especially iPad owners, have mentioned, for example), and the majority of "Toodledo BETA" users are satisfied, then Toodledo could announce its intention to close down the BETA app upgrade path and to instead put that app in the "Toodledo" channel. The final upgrade in the BETA path could have a big message on it which says, "Look, it's time to uninstall this and go install the app from the regular Toodledo channel," or words to that effect.

My hope is that this suggestion makes sense for Toodledo as a stopgap measure for its own business interests. If it doesn't, please disregard.

I think installing the regular (old UI) ToodleDo with a BETA app on the same iDevice would help us old-timers [old fashioned doesn't paint me as grouchy enough :P] provide better feedback.

We would also have the old app to fall back on, this can get us more used to the beta app, help us like and understand the new user interface and in the end will satisfy both sides.

(Imagine an Alpha version of an indie game, VERY unpolished while the Beta App would be far more polished but it'd accomplish the same thing in this analogy... We will get used to the new UI and the eventual removal of the old UI just as an unbalanced game feature loved by all is eventually removed by the developer)

Posted: Feb 28, 2013

To quote another user in a different topic...

Posted by aether:
Very important proposal
Please provide two forks of Toodledo as separate apps available in the App Store.
This would address the huge need for the old layout which has been appraised by numerous medias as perfect example of good usability and wich also blend perfectly to the iphone usability. It is easy to understand how to interact with the app.
And also provide the new app layout as a separate app. So you can better differentiate the customer criticism and feedback coming from these two groups of "layout"people.
Why not provide a Toodledo Classic 3.0 app, and a Toodledo Advanced App?

The topic was:


Why'd I quote this way?

I did not update my ToodleDo iPhone app to the new update because I rely on the notebook more than tasks.
(Why should the notebook look like tasks? The tasks are awful on the app, my app starts on the notebook!)

Heck, the notebook itself helps me stay sane with depression, perfectionism, sob story etc...

The users of the iPhone app are split into 2 camps, those for the new update and those against it like I am.

I would be fine with syncing my data with the ToodleDo servers and downloading a different app called "ToodleDo Classic" and staying with my current helpful user interface.

If you want me to fork over 10$ or more for the classic UI just ask and it shall be done as long as my choice of UI stays and the other camp's choice stays.