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Posted: Mar 09, 2012
From Topic: "Start Time" feature

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Posted: Mar 09, 2012
From Topic: My Use of Contexts

Posted by Torysch:
I have three contexts: Skokie, Teddy, and School.
I am fourteen. My parents are divorced and I spend equal time with each of them- in two different houses. Some tasks can only be done at one house; in that circumstance I label its context as either 'Skokie' or 'Teddy.' But some tasks are generic in one of two ways. Some are generic because they have to do with school AND can be completed at either house; and some are just plain generic (ex. check for service hours email).

[Sorry for the rather poor explaining; I'm not very good at explaining in the first place and it's pretty late for me, so I'm tired.]

You may wish to relabel your contexts to make life less confusing for you.
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