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Posted: May 12, 2013
From Topic: iOS App Version 3.0.5

Posted by Jake:
It appears that there is a strange upgrade bug that we never encountered in testing. Im not sure yet why the app thinks the password is incorrect, but we are investigating. In the meantime, this should solve the problem:

1) Press the home button to return to the home screen.
2) Double tap the home button to bring up the multi-tasking dock.
3) Tap and hold on the Toodledo icon until it starts to jiggle.
4) Tap the red - symbol in the upper left corner of the Toodledo icon to force quit the app.
5) Relaunch Toodledo
6) Enter your password in the Sync Settings page and press save.

Very sorry for the inconvenience. I know that our iOS app is a disappointment to many people, myself included. Last week, I hired another iOS developer to help us fix things, so it should get better.

Jake, as you can see by the comments, are not only issues relating to the interface (colors and patterns, etc ...) but also the behavior of the app, as reported by dgeveke below. I'm happy with your news about investments in iOS developers ... I would like to see what worked in 3.0.1 running on the new version, plus options of colors, fonts, etc ... Toodledo is a great app and would look even better with these implementations!

Posted: May 08, 2013
From Topic: iOS App Version 3.0.5

Posted by paul_1351977321:
Does 3.0.5 provide an option to use the interface from 3.0.1? Is that one of the "updates on the way soon?" Thanks.

I'm still using 3.0.1 ... I update my iPhone whenever any new release of apps appears, but being careful not upgrade Toodledo. I'll wait to see if any upcoming update brings the option of at least parts of 3.0.1, for me, the best in terms of usability and visual so far. I really like Toodledo, but liked the old interface or, on the other hand, some things I did not like on the new interface ...

Posted: Mar 20, 2013

Posted by Christoph Dollis:
First impressions on version 3.0.3 on iPhone 4.

1. It's faster the last iteration. Thanks for that, Jake and developers. It still doesn't feel quite as snappy as 3.0.1, but it isn't slow as molasses either. That said, I've deleted my completed tasks so fingers crossed as those accumulate over time.

2. The strength of Toodledo is its SORTING, and yet my custom sort order for folders, which I use all the time (like "contexts", but I can designate some private) is different in different views.

Unlike "Priority" which easily maintains its order, the folder order DOES jump around in the All Tasks page.

When I am in certain folder views and click all tasks, the last folder I was in will be on top. This is as annoying as if "Medium Priority" was somehow on top -- instead, it should just always show the same sort order particularly since sort order is what Toodledo is all about.

This is aggravating as it makes me stop and think every time I change folder, and think differently depending on where I am. Can you please, pretty please, ensure that custom (or alphabetical, as the case may be) folder order is respected throughout the app?

3. On the website, you can choose to allow subtasks to default to the parent tasks attributes, but this doesn't work on the app. It ought to be an option.

4. Speaking of subtasks, please allow an "indented" mode.

5. Some things, like quick adding tasks, and adding subtasks, and even changing folder views (because the expanding list remains open) are a click less, and this is nice.

6. This next point is really REALLY important, and would be so trivial for you to implement. PLEASE listen to it.

(Really important point follows.)

The greyish colored font is not as easy to see as black font, for obvious reasons. I use this app a lot, as do many people. Not everyone has great eyesight, or has bright screens (may be dimmed to conserve battery life or, alternatively, be being viewed outdoors), etc. There should be an option for black font on a white background.

Surely this is basic?

That's how it is done here, on this page. Also on the Toodledo website itself (and the old app). And pretty much every website that gets a lot of traffic.

Black text. White background. This is doable? At least as an option?

You can leave the auxiliary information below the task in the greyish-colored font.

7. The colored corners for priority are NICE.

Really, I like the concept. A lot.

But why DIFFERENT colors for priority on the app vs. the website?


I don't want to think about what the colors mean and do distracting mental translations every time I look at my task list on various systems. It should be easy enough to have priority colors be the same on the website as on the app.

I mean, this is just CSS. You could do it in half an hour or so, I imagine.

Update: I just figured out how to use a user style to change the priority colors on the website, so I'm good here ... although it still wouldn't be a bad idea in general.

Would love for there to be a separate CSS class for Negative priority than Low priority though. :P


.pri3 = top
.pri2 = high
.pri1 = medium
.pri0 = low
.pri00 = negative [the only new CSS class]

For what it's worth, I added this CSS and the priority colors work a lot better for me, matching the iOS app:

#tasks {
color: #595959 !important;

.pri0 {
color: #6E6E6E !important;

.pri1 {
color: #797006 !important;

.pri2 {
color: #B26E01 !important;

.pri3 {
color: #700000 !important;

And for those styling by dates, you can use the CSS below changing the color to whatever values you prefer:

.date0 {
color: grey !important;

.date1 {
color: yellow !important;

.date2 {
color: orange !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

.date3 {
color: red !important;
font-weight: bold !important;
font-style: italic !important;

8. A lot of people are complaining about the amount of info below the task title in the task list. In fact, it used to be an option to enable additional details below the task if there's room to, and now it's enabled by default.

I'd prefer to have the option, but oh well. One thing though.

Every recurring task has the recurring task indicator in the checkbox. And just a few pixels away, below the task, is a miniature version of the same recurring task icon followed by the recurring frequency. The description for which begins with "Every" ... as in, "Every Friday", "Every 2 weeks", etc.

This is completely redundant.

Can you please get rid of the totally redundant miniature recurring icon co-located with the large recurring icon? Or, failing that, keep it, but get rid of the text which says "Every"?

9. Any chance that, on both the website and mobile app, the accordion divider could remember its state? So if you collapse it, it stays collapsed until you click it again? That would be sweet.

As I've said before, Toodledo team could solve most of these issues by creating themes and / or creating options in Settings ... for example, the color of the source mentioned by Chritoph could easily be an option, the user chooses gray, black, etc ... and can choose the font size, color, etc ... The more an app is configurable, more satisfied users!

Posted: Mar 09, 2013

Posted by Christoph Dollis:
Posted by slateboy:
i think the best solution would be to have a set of "themes" where we can choose between the old look and the new look.
That'd keep everyone happy, wouldn't it?

Only if stability and speed are as good as version 3.0.1.

Because like choosing a wife, it's more than about looks.

yes, first stability and speed, second the "themes" and everything is solved!

Posted: Mar 09, 2013

Posted by slateboy:
i think the best solution would be to have a set of "themes" where we can choose between the old look and the new look.
That'd keep everyone happy, wouldn't it?

Perfect would be great, but there are also some issues of changes in behavior over the previous app. Anyway, it would help a lot, I think a great solution and Jake would hit the fly if he chose that path ..

Posted: Mar 07, 2013

I hope that after resolving performance problems, Toodledo back to work to provide the version "Classic" of the app along with the "New Improved" version in the iTunes Store, giving users the option to choose.
If however Toodledo not decide to do this, I think the best path now is become optional in Settings most demanded items (buttons size, font size, text color, contents shown or not, etc ...). I know many apps that work very well, leaving to the user's choosing many things like these.
I use Toodledo on my iPhone several times a day, in actions that need to be fast and easy to see wherever I am, in a well-lit ambient or not, walking or sitting in the office, in the elevator, etc. ... and then the interface has to "communicate" well and fast, and this is not better with tiny buttons, pastel colors and wasted spaces ... Of course, for some the new dimmed style might work, but for me, the old one was great, with the only requirements to improve the long've been asking and have always been left to the future of the team Toodledo as Emoji icons, option to coloring texts, etc. ...

Posted: Sep 07, 2012

Well... I think I have exaggerated in my statement, sometimes we get a little anxious with news ... keep up the good work! Best regards...

Posted: Sep 06, 2012

A long time I not see new significatively implementations in iPhone version (many were requested by users so far...) except minor tweaks and fixes. The Toodledo was abandoning development on that platform and focusing on the corporate market? Thanks por attention...

Posted: Jul 03, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
With today's update to collaboration, you can now create joint tasks that appear on multiple people's lists at the same time.

Toodledo was originally invented to be a personal task manager. Collaboration wasn't even an idea in our heads when we started. As such, Toodledo was originally designed to have a one-to-many relationship between people and tasks. A person could have multiple tasks, but a task could not have multiple people. This design decision permeated every aspect of Toodledo all the way from the database through the website and into our iPhone app and even 3rd party apps built atop Toodledo. Changing the task model to a many-to-many relationship was not a trivial task. Almost every part of Toodledo needed to be heavily modified and extreme care had to be taken to avoid breaking any existing 3rd party tools.

An analogy would be if you had a horse drawn carriage and wanted to add AC. You need electricity to run the AC, and you need an engine to make the electricity and you need a gas tank to power the engine. So, to add an AC you need to first add a gas tank. For the last two years we've been adding a lot of gas tanks. We've taken some detours, but we have never lost sight of the finish line. Today we are proud to release Toodledo's first iteration of a many-to-many task sharing feature.

There are now two types of private sharing. We have Workspaces which allow you to switch into someone else's list and manage their tasks (with permission, of course). This is what we had before, and it remains unchanged. The new, second type of private sharing is being called Joint Tasks and it allows the same task to appear on multiple people's lists at the same time. Any of the collaborators can manage the joint task and changes will be reflected on everyone's list. For each of your collaborators, you can customize how you can to share your tasks.

For more details, please read our updated sharing documentation.

The core functionality of joint tasks is now in place, but this is only the first step. We plan to expand on this in future updates. We want to enable sharing in our iOS app, and via our API so that 3rd party apps can integrate with Toodledo collaboration. We also plan to make it possible to make joint folders and other ways to more easily share tasks and collaborate on projects.

We have also squeezed in a few smaller changes to today's update.
1) If you try to close the page when you are in the middle of editing a note, it will now prompt you to save the note before you leave to prevent you from losing your changes.
2) Task length can now be 2 decimal places long, so you can enter times such as ".25 hours" instead of "15 mins"
3) Evernote links in task notes will now be clickable.
4) When sorting your list by date added/modified/completed in reverse, the date added/modified/completed column will be displayed
5) Bug fixes

This a good job for business users (the main focus of the concept of collaboration). But do not forget the users personal (one-person-to-many tasks that do not use collaboration) and the various suggestions made by users!

Posted: Jun 08, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
We tested this on the iTouch and did not have any problems. Please try these steps and if they don't help please create a support ticket and attach a crash log.


hello, I did all the steps above (reset, reinstall the application, etc ...) but the problem keeps occurring. I was able to determine that the crash occurs sporadically (but often) when I'm editing a note on the notebook, and then click on the Save button. Then the crash occurs. When I restart Toodledo, I can see that nothing typed in the note was lost (the Save operation worked) despite the crash. You wrote in the crash suggestions procedure to send to you a "crash log". I do not know if I'm right, but it seems not possible to obtain a "crash log", as the problem occurs with the mobile application (iTouch), not the version running on the laptop. I will create a support ticket for this issue, thanks for attention.

Posted: Jun 07, 2012

Hello, I am in Toodledo iTouch user, I do not know if you have any connection with the recent version 2.2.1, but since I did the update has been listed craches while I am updating the existing text in the notes: the screen freezes and comes seconds after the crash . I wonder if this is a bug to be fixed.
Second, I also noticed a slight decrease in performance when doing some navigation within the application (not very significant, but noticeable). Thank you!

Posted: Jun 06, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
Apple has just approved our latest update (version 2.2.1) to our popular iOS App.

Here is what is new:
✔ List dividers can now be collapsed and expanded by tapping on them.
✔ List dividers show the number of tasks inside each section.
✔ If a task has an alarm, the task details screen will now show when the alarm will happen.
✔ If you have modified a note and press the cancel button by accident, it will warn you that you are about to lose your changes.
✔ The sync log is now more verbose
✔ Languages with right to left writing (Hebrew) will now be displayed correctly
✔ Bug fixes

App Store

If Toodledo helps you be more productive, please consider giving us a rating/review in the iTunes App Store. Even if you have rated us before, you can rate us again with each new update that we release. It really does help us to have good ratings.

This message was edited Jun 07, 2012.

Posted: Apr 08, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
Emoji in tasks will not work at this time. We are looking into supporting this in the future.

OK, thanks for the info ... there are other type of characters, named "glyps", such as those offered by applications like "Glyphboard".. There aren't "emoji" ... there are simple symbols, B&W, not colored .. are supported by Toodledo?

Another question: I tested some "glyps" and they worked, even some of "emoji" work, other not... the fact that these work means that I can use them (these in particular) without problems? Or do you advise not to use them?

Finally, I suggest yours to add documentation on which characters are accepted in Toodledo tasks. Thank you!

Posted: Apr 07, 2012

After using for a long time the Toodledo iPhone application, I decided to enter emoji characters at the beginning of the names of some tasks. To my surprise, after the sync occurs, the entire text (name of the task) has disappeared, giving way to an empty field ... So, I was afraid to continue using emoji characters in the names of tasks and lose information again ... I wonder if these characters are allowed in Toodledo and run the risk of losing information and continue to insist on its use... This is a bug or a normal behavior (emoji is prohibited)? Thank you very much!

Posted: Feb 24, 2012

you say "(...) where we will be posting these announcements in the future as well as other tips and special promotions"; as I do not use Facebook nor Twitter, I wonder if this section "Help - Blog / News" anyway, will remain where it is today, or at least can be read in the future without the user having Face / Twitter. I believe the correct thing is to keep copy of these news on all platforms, not to restrict access to users who do not want to use Face / Twitter. Keep up the good work.

This message was edited Feb 24, 2012.

Posted: Sep 30, 2011

Earlier this year I suggested why not add on Account Settings panel, in New Task Defaults options, a choice to select "repeat from completion date" / "repeat from due date"? New tasks are created currently always with "repeat from due date". There any plans for this implementation? I think is not difficult to add this option (it is an additional option, the default value does not change current) ... Presently, almost all of my new tasks have to change "due" to "completion" ...
thank you for the attention and work!

Posted: Jul 01, 2011

I would like know why the updates of Toodledo no longer occurred since May 20 ... were once much more common ... since this date, May 20, no more news of updates occur... thanks, keep up the good work!

Posted: Apr 18, 2011
From Topic: Seven improvements

Good job! I know I've commented before, but do not forget the suggestions of a shortcut for "Notebook" and a new option "Date Completed" in "New Task Defaults" in "Account Settings" (it can keep the default as today, "Due Date" , and thus have no impact on current users).

Posted: Apr 02, 2011

Posted by Toodledo:
Currently you need to manually refresh the screen. This is to allow you to make changes to the tasks before they go away.

OK, thanks for the explanation, keep up the good work!

Posted: Apr 02, 2011

I've tried several times the "Sync on Edit" options on my iPhone, but whenever I do, if I mark an item as "OK", if this item have repetitions (eg daily), instead of it disappearing from the screen, it continues appearing (but with the green "V " = OK) and there is another identical duplicate item, but without the "V " = OK. Only to exit this screen and return, the two items desappear (a behavior similar to "refresh" the screen). If this is a normal behavior of Toodledo, I prefer to do manual sync, as I have done.... Is there any way (in Settings, for example?) to get the OK to an item and have it disappear from the screen (even with repetitions on it), without requiring the additional "refresh"? Thank you, Eduardo
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