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Posted: Feb 18, 2011
From Topic: android version?

I love your iPhone app but I've recently got an Android phone and was wondering if there are any plans for it's OS?

Posted: Mar 22, 2009
From Topic: gCal button...

I just have a few suggestions:

1. An easier way to sync to gCal directly from iPhone via a gCal sync button. Or have an option in settings to turn on/off gCal.

2. Integrate iPhone contacts.

3. Auto complete for faster & less typing.

4. Integrate GPS for use with an address / location field to warn you if you are near the location specified in this field if the action of the task is set.

Don't get me wrong, I think Toodledo is by far the best todo app for my iPhone but I noticed these additions in other todo apps and they would be extremely helpful especially on the fly gCal sync option for manual syncing with Google Calendar. This alone would be extremely useful.

Thanks for considering these.

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Posted: Dec 23, 2008

I love this todo app just the way it is! I think the new version is better than before and more user friendly. And just keeps getting better with every update. (I gave you 5 stars as a review.)

The only possible suggestions I could think of would be to...

1. incorporate the iPhone's contact list.


2. Add a Project Task with sub-tasks for the iPhone.

Great job on this app. I use it every day.

Posted: Oct 21, 2008

I second the vote to add Contacts and make it a intragal part of this app as posted by George earlier:

"You can setup in default contexts the words call and email and visit website or you can identify them if they are not in default and a user creates them. In that case a call task could be filled in in conjunction with the contacts app and when the user wants to complete the task he would be presented with the numbers from that contact and on tap of the chosen number the call would start. Respectively the same case would be for email and upon selection of the email from the selected contact the mail app would open. Lastly the visit website should save the link added as link and on tap would open safari."

Other iPhone apps such as SmartTime has already implemented this and in essence has created a smooth and quick way to enter info without typing on the keyboard. If this were integrated in Toodledo we would have the perfect app in my opinion.

Posted: Oct 21, 2008

Posted by gaines.atty:

I'm not a developer, but have read several threads over the months -- seems Apple has locked down the Calendar so developers can't get to it. So I suspect there'll be no "push to calendar" by anyone in the foreseeable future.

ToodleDo's SMS system is too rigid for me, as I need different timed alerts for different tasks (i.e., some may need a week in advance; others, 10-15 minutes). Quickest work-around I've found = 99 cents TextLater, a fairly new iPhone app. Allows you to quickly arrange an SMS alert to yourself (or anyone on AT&T) at any date/time. Golden!

Thanks for your suggestion, Rick. I just bought TextLater and it is a perfect alternative however it would be awesome if we could have this incorporated into Toodledo. For instance have a selectable tic next to each task and if you check it will call up TextLater. Then have a way to get back in Toodledo for ease of use. Or you could have a selectable radial button when you hit the edit box., etc. There are many ways to do this with a little imagination. Let me know if you want some more ideas, I am full of them : )

Posted: Oct 21, 2008
From Topic: suggestions

Posted by Toodledo:
Unfortunately, Apple does not allow third party applications to set alarms. Once they do, we will support them.

I understand & Thanks for your quick response.

Is there a chance in the next update you can make a switch to turn on SMS / Email Reminders in either the "All Tasks" view or maybe in the "Task Details" view of the task itself? This would make it much easier to set a reminder for that particular task. Or another idea can be to put the option in "Settings" then Have an option to "Turn On SMS/Email Reminders"...the user can pick one. And when this option is set, there can be another option/check box next to the task in the "Task Details" section of the app to turn it on or off for that particular task.

...Just a suggestion.

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Posted: Oct 20, 2008
From Topic: suggestions

First let me say congrats on a great todo app especially since the new update version 1.2. I am very pleased with it. I have actually just purchased this today 10/20/08 so correct me if I am wrong on anything. I have been using the free SmartTime app and love it also but in my opinion it lacks a lot of what Toodledo has to offer.

Only a couple of suggestions / concerns that I have:

I love that I could set alerts on my iPhone using the SMS Text Messaging Service. The only drawback is the amount of text messages I would be getting and I don't want to have to up my SMS to unlimited...The bill is high enough.

I totally agree what another user had indicated a few days ago: "What this app needs is a way to SET ALARMS - everything from an alarm that could be set for 1 minute to hours, days, weeks, months or years. The SHORT term ALARMS are really valuable to keep the "reminders" in front of the user."
The same is very true for me.

1. Could you please include a customizable audible alarm so that we could set it to warn us when critical items are due just as the iPhone's Calendar has currently? This would eliminate not having to rely on Apple's Calendar for this one feature. As it is now, if I have an important event that I need a reminder, I still have to use the calendar and set the alert. It is a redundant process that could be totally eliminated if you incorporate alerts in Toodledo.

2. Also if it is possible to have Jott integrated into the UI instead of having to leave the program, sign onto Jott, record my message then go back into Toodledo as it is now?

3. When syncing with Google, it seems a little weird. In month view, I cannot seem to see my tasks unless I click the check mark and then I can only see one day at a time. Am I doing something wrong? If so I apologize.

Thank you for your consideration to these matters and all the hard work that went into this program.