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Posted: Oct 12, 2012

I've spent two days and approximately 17 euros on both Pocket Informant and 2do, none of them ha the feature I am looking for.

While I love Toodledo, I think it essentially does a poor job on the actual scheduling of tasks. I can display them in my Google Calendar, but I cannot actually change them, so if the planning of a task conflicts with my Google Calendar, I then have to go back to the Toodledo app and manually adjust start en due date & time.

Essentially, what I am looking for is an app for iphone or ipad that lets me edit my task via drag and drop in Calendar View and also dsplays my Google Calendar. I thought Pcet Informant had that feature, but unfortunatel it does not.

Does such an app actually exist? To me it seems pretty straightforward that tou plan your tasks in accordance with the appointmens in your Calendar, but as I'm having so much trouble finding one, it probably isn't.

Ps. Sorry if my English sounds a bit broken; I'm not a native speaker. Hopefully it doesn't all come across as Double Dutch :-)