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Posted: Feb 27, 2013

Quite happy with "update: the sequel"
Thank you for giving us the old version while you reworked and addressed all of the concerns.
One suggestion for future versions - could you allow for a task to have multiple folders and/or contexts? I used multiple categories a LOT in Outlook and would like that option here.

Posted: Nov 29, 2012

1. EITHER offer a smaller font option as many others have suggested
2. OR offer the option to drop the second line on the task display screen. I really don't like that I can see far fewer tasks due to the 2-line display. Is there a way to drop this? I couldn't find it in Preferences.

REALLY REALLY Dislike the font size - not only can I see fewer tasks on my screen - but most tasks I can't even see the whole task title
I do NOT need to see that task is "OVERDUE" when it is already listed in my "in the past" section
I do NOT need space taken up by "Doesn't repeat" for almost all of my tasks - why is this important to have on the main screen?? (Sorry if I have missed the preference setting to change this but I can't find it)

Thanks for continuing to have a great app, but this view change feature... not so much.

PS What do the orange triangles mean at the top left of eadch task line?

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