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Posted: Aug 01, 2012

Posted by marie:
Fingers crossed that it will show up in the API very soon for 3rd party developers, as 99% of all my toodledo work is done via DGT GTD...

Exactly the same here.
Actually, DGT GDT offers quite nice feature of "Inheritance" of various properties (Tags, context, priority...) from parent tasks - new subtask inherits them from the parent. It would be good if Toodledo did allow for such functionality in the context of collaboration: Once I join the parent task with others, I would like them to see its subtasks automatically.

Posted: Jul 26, 2012

This is our first step towards more collaboration tools in the app...

Great, cannot wait for next ones...while you are at IT (adding functions to action menu), could you also add "Task type" functionality? I mean something similar to ToDo iPad app (or DGT GTD on Android), where one can determine whether a task is a call, e-mail, visit or whatever

Posted: Jul 26, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
I am not sure that I understand, but if you are trying to put a task into a folder (project)...

OK, wrong terminology: How can I change the parent of a task using iPad app?
Well, this is the problem of terminology - each GTD app uses it differently and in my original post I used iPad ToDo app one

This message was edited Jul 26, 2012.

Posted: Jul 25, 2012

After exhaustive research on the web (even here are some related topics) I use this as a last resort, because I cannot find a way how to solve following situations effectively:

?1: I receive an e-mail (Exchange)...an answer is going to take 30min, so it is worth converting to a task...yes, I can mail2task it to Toodledo, but that way I lose the ability to answer directly and I also have to keep the original e-mail: some kind of a link between task (in Toodledo) and the e-mail? or other solution?

?2: I work on a task, there are various sorts of data involved (Photoshop images, AutoCAD drawings, Word documents...) - what is the hub, connected with the task and allowing me to access all of these easily?

?3: A task is to have a meeting. This task is a subtask of a project. The meeting is likely to produce some new tasks, so I would like to have my meeting notes connected to the task for future reference. During the meeting I am most probably going to take snapshots of sketches, record statements etc. - so I would use Evernote as it allows all of it... farthest I went this integration road was to use same Tags in both apps ... inspired by the way how Nozbe works... but it is still not it.

?4: I need to record how much I spent on a task compared to my expectations - so some way of recording would be appreciated...

any suggestions are welcome, thanks

Posted: Jul 25, 2012

The %subj% function ("Move to Project") does already exist in ToDo, DGT GTD and other apps, capable of sync w. Toodledo...so I feel I must have overlook it in the native app - how do I do it?

Posted: Jul 25, 2012

This is great and it does work...only if there was also the SHARE option ... or am I missing something when I am not able to find a way on how to keep track on tasks I assigned to others?

Posted: Jul 14, 2012

to me this is very good feature. I am using it regularly so I found some things that would help (at least to me:-)

- would it be possible to group all activity entries related to one task and collapse/expand them?

- would it be possible to add "clear entry" tickbox to each row in order to allow to clear up the unnecessary mess?

Thanks, ros