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Posted: Aug 24, 2011

Awesome trick! I just put http//www.toodledo.com instead and I get the same as site right in Outlook. (Better for me as it hides deferred tasks ($Hold, $Waiting, etc)... and future start dates, etc).
Very nice, thanks much.

Posted: Feb 04, 2011
From Topic: Postponed vs Hold

I use Postponed status for my Master Project List. 'P' for Postponed & Project

I sort by status with sub-tasks set to indent on review.

Both the Postponed and Holds are hidden with Deferred Filter.


Fix Brakes ...............................................Postponed
Call Shop.................................................None
Email Stephanie to drop truck off...................Hold
Pick up truck............................................Hold
Enter receipts for truck...............................Hold

When I scan my Project List...'Postponed' with status set as sort I'm scanning to see that Hold is never directly below a Postponed on the right hand of screen... that means an action was done above it and it needs to be changed from 'Hold' to 'None' (or 'Planning' with a start date to repeat unsucessful request in a week or something OR 'Waiting')

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Posted: Feb 04, 2011
From Topic: Postponed vs Hold

Posted by kathy:
I use Hold as a way to handle dependencies (until that gets implemented). Basically, something is in Hold if it depends on something else that hasn't happened yet. I periodically go through my Hold tasks to check if their status should be changed. And I use Waiting For only for tasks where I'm waiting for someone else to respond or do something - which is different than when another task needs to be completed first.

To me, Someday is more like maybe someday.

Exactly the same!
Hold = Waiting for me to do something first.
Waiting = Waiting for somebody else to do something first.

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Posted: Feb 04, 2011

Found the thread!

Yeah, I love that we can now add status and tags...but the one that screws me up often is '&' for repeating syntax (which I wonder how much is really relatively used for emailing in tasks). It is problematic because I don't think about it at the time and later see it on my list and don't even know what the task was.

Ask Mel & Sheri when they can go on site to see George !! @Agenda #Friday %Mel, Sheri *Work

When I see this task later along with so many others it looks like this:

Ask Mel

Would it be possible to use a different symbol then '&' for repeating as it's used so commonly this way? Or do away with it as email syntax all together?

PS Not trying to be demanding - Toodledo is my life - I put my whole life in it and let the lists guide me, lol.

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Posted: Feb 04, 2011

I was wondering if it bothered people when they see the extra syntax in the subject line. It depends who you are sending it to I guess. I know that our staff feel like they're being tracked and take emails more seriously.


Have Gerry solidify schedule with Mel !!! @Agenda #Friday %Waiting %Gerry *Work

...it demands their attention, lol.

Posted: Feb 04, 2011

I use email to send tasks to both myself and my wife A LOT.

When I send a Toodledo to my wife I'll send it to both her Toodledo and regular email. She can see at a glance when looking at the email that it's also been added to her Toodledo account and she doesn't have to do it - she can just reference the email knowing it's been processed into the correct Folder and Context etc for her.

Posted: Feb 04, 2011

I'm a big believer in knowing there's more than one way to do things.

However, my understanding is that Folders (ie: *Work) are sharable, not Locations, Tags, or Statuses.

A 'Work' folder shared can show all @Errands, @Reading, @Calls, etc, to do with work only.

For you, your @Reading pile is all in one place, but your team only can see the @Reading tasks in the 'Work' folder.

This is a powerful tool for teams...as each persons work tasks alone can be completed by each other (eg: Get 2011 Tax Schedule *Work @Calls %IRS) but the tasks to do with kids daycare, etc... stays personal and out of view.

tl;dr ---> Folders are what can be shared.

Posted: Feb 03, 2011

Use Folders to seperate different areas of responsibility in your life (in my opinion everybody should start out with a Work and Personal folder). You can subdivide into other things if need be. Eg: Taxes, Renovation. Folders are sharable so you can share only the Renovation or whatever.

So how about the rest.... Contexts are... Home, Office, Calls, Computer, Errands, Agenda, Ranch, etc...

Tags are nouns...people, places, and things... NEEDED to accomplish the task.

Example: Pick up nails for Kevin .... becomes Folder: Work ; Tag: Home Depot ; Context: Errands

Or by email syntax:

Pick up nails for Kevin *Work %Home Depot @Errands

eg #2):

Ask Sheri when Chris needs the Quad *Personal #Friday @Agenda %Sheri

It works very well for me :)

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Posted: Jan 08, 2011
From Topic: due dates

Adding priorities is helpful to me. I use priorities to tell me when I WANT to get something done (3=Today, 2=Week, 1=Month, 0=Quarter). The Importance of items will climb when the actual due date of the project approaches and stuff that needs to be done sooner (higher priority) is higher all along. Not perfect but it works. All tasks might have due staggered back a day per stage (accounts for cramming, lol). The real due date is added to my calendar app.
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