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Posted: Apr 20, 2009

Hello, I need to schedule a task to occur on the last day of every month. Toodledo appears to be requiring a day to be picked but that is not what I want since the last day of a month can be any day. Is there a way to schedule a repeating task without specifying the exact day of the week?

Posted: Apr 18, 2009

Answering my own question: Include the Trashcan as a field in the main list.

Posted: Apr 18, 2009

Is there a way to delete a to-do without first marking it complete. That's the only way I know how to do it and often the to-do's I want to delete have not been completed ... they are simply being cancelled.

Posted: Nov 08, 2008

Thanks jebanks ... I used your advice to make a similar procedure (below) that applies to Windows PCs running Palm Desktop 4.1 and Excel 2002. May work with other versions. The Windows version of Palm desktop I have does not have a separate title field ... the first line is the title. Also, some of my memos were flagged as private. This procedure handles both cases with Excel formulas. Suggest reading all of the steps before starting.

Conversion of Palm Memos to Toodledo.com Notes
12:14 PM 11/8/2008

- Windows Vista Business
- Palm Desktop 4.1
- Microsoft Excel 2002</ul>

1. Export Palm memos to file
- Click on Memo toolbar button to display list of memos
- File > Export...
- - Choose directory and enter file name (e.g. PalmDesktopMemos.txt)
- - Export type: Tab Separated Values
- - Range: All
- - Click OK
- - Fields (leave all selected) ... Click OK
- - Memo, Private, Category will be exported and appear in Excel columns A,B,C
- Note: I tried exporting CSV directly and it double spaced my notes ... so that's why we go first to TSV then to CSV
2. Open TSV file in Excel
- Extract title from first line of memo
- - In empty cell of first row (D1) enter formula =TRIM(LEFT(A1,SEARCH(CHAR(13),A1)-1))
- - Copy formula down to all rows in worksheet
- - Check the worksheet ...
- - - There should be no #VALUE errors ... If there are something is wrong
- - - All entries in the new column should reflect the proper title
- - In next empty cell of first row (E1) enter formula =CONCATENATE(TRIM(C1),IF(B1=1," (Private)",""))
- - - Copy formula down to all rows in worksheet
- - - Check the worksheet
- - - - All entries in the new column should reflect the proper category
- - - - Private entries will have category name followed by " (Private)"
- Save the file as CSV
- - Answer Yes if prompted to keep the file in its present format
- - - Note: You lose the formula entered above but the column's value is saved
3. Go to Toodledo.com
- Log in and go to import page http://www.toodledo.com/import.php
- CSV Notebook Import
- - Click browse and select the CSV file (e.g. PalmDesktopMemos.csv)
- - Click Upload
- - Specify the fields to be imported
- - - Note
- - - (Skip the Private indicator column)
- - - (Skip the Category column)
- - - Title
- - - Folder
- Check the results
- - Note: If you aren't happy with the results AND you started with an EMPTY notebook you can delete ALL notebook entries from the settings menu
4. Sync with iPhone Appigo Notebook (Optional)
- Note: You can reset synchronization data which will clear all entries in the iPhone Appigo Notebook and bring in all from Toodledo.com

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