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Posted: Feb 06, 2013

Wow. So the latest version of Due Today (release Feb. 5, yesterday) now has an option for properly hiding future tasks. I've only messed with my list settings a little bit since turning it on, but already it's a huge improvement. Which is great for me because I just haven't had the time to try out a different app, and I was already kind of comfortable with Due Today.

It's a global option so I'm not sure you can view future tasks anywhere without turning it off again, but I rarely want to on my phone. I do most of my planning on the web interface and use the phone primarily for execution. I can now say that Due Today will help you solve this problem. I didn't try MyToodle or Ultimate because I just didn't have the time, but it looks like they might work too.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it. There's a "Future" item in the list selection pane now that lets me see future items. So... good to go then.

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Posted: Jan 23, 2013

Due Today does not support proper filtering of the Start Date. If you choose to filter on Start Date the app removes every task that does not have a Start Date in addition to every task whose Start Date is in the future. It's totally useless in that sense. I still use it, because it's the least annoying of the ToodleDo apps I've tried so far, but this particular oversight is frustratingly common. It's like the developers of these apps are completely unfamiliar with GTD.

I have yet to find a single mobile app for ToodleDo that properly implements the "Future Tasks" filter as it is implemented in the web interface. It's incredibly frustrating. I'm going to give MyToodle a try I think. Even if it's unfinished, it will be miles ahead of the other apps if it just handles start dates properly.

EDIT: Looks like I'll be trying Ultimate as well, since they apparently have the option to properly filter by Start Date.

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