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Posted: Dec 27, 2011
From Topic: Timer in mobile app

While I (somewhat) appreciate Toodledo's response, I'd like to reemphasize:

(1) There's still no commitment: for instance, can we expect to see it in the next year? Maybe I should forget Toodledo.

(2) The catch-22 nature of this response:

__* "mobile-app Timer support is taking so long because people don't use it," while

__* almost no one will find Timer useful/useable until their mobile app supports it.

As to interface changes and reports, that would be great, I'm sure, but for me the thing that breaks Timer is lack of iPhone support.

Happy New Year

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Posted: Dec 11, 2011
From Topic: Timer in mobile app

I agree with the last two posts that:
* the timer field in the web app isn't much use
if it isn't also supported in the mobile app, and
* it's pretty weak to keep saying "it's on our to-do
list for a future update"for multiple years.

I'm sure the iPad has had you busy, but this is something you've been promising on this forum for a long time now, though always in a very vague and non-specific way. In another year (or two years) will there be another new thread on the same topic?

All that said, the iPhone/iPod app has gradually improved, however slowly. Thank you.

Posted: Jan 15, 2010

Can we get any more word on support for the Timer field in the iPhone/iTouch app. In June of last year the word was that it would be supported "in a future update": which, after the recent update, remains true, I guess. As a user who's been waiting for Timer field support I wonder where this feature fits on the product time line. Any likelihood we'll see it in the _next_ update?