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Posted: Mar 27, 2011

I used to always have a problem that I had too many notes for your system to cope when synching to an iPod.

Well I'm pleased to say I can now sync all my 7290 todos!! You guys/gals rock! Thanks a lot.

See the following for the fight I had in the past:

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Posted: Mar 22, 2011

I am using my iPhone and I want to reorder them there. It should be possible to do it there!! It's rather silly that I am using the mobile app, and I have to go and find a computer, log on and make the change there. It's a great app where I can add tasks, folders, delete folders all from my iPhone. Why can't you make it so I can reorder folders on the iPhone too?

Posted: Mar 20, 2011

On v2.1.7 (on the iPod touch) it now seems impossible to reorder the task folder order. If I edit folders I can only delete them and not change their order. This used to be possible. Or am I missing something?

Posted: Nov 06, 2009

There really needs to be some easy way for the user to understand directly what's going on, either by making the numbers always clear and always adding up, or by giving a link to the filtered tasks.

For example, at the moment I have the following ridiculous display:

All Tasks (2010)
2013 To-dos sorted by Folder

Either "All Tasks" is all tasks or it is not. The subdivision of these "All tasks" (a, b, c) having more tasks than the grouping (a+b+c) is extremely confusing for the user.

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Posted: Sep 17, 2009


When I look at the list of starred items online, I may have (say) 15 items. Then if I click on one of the stars to deselect it, and I clicked on the starred items tab, the tab will still say "Starred (15)", but the title will say "14 starred items".

Is this a bug?

Posted: Sep 12, 2009


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, although it converts the characters correctly, overall it doesn't work because each of my tasks has a multi-line note, which displays (of course) on a separate line for each line, and so looks like lots of different tasks.

To give a simplified example of something which should be just 1 excel row, but looks to the system like 3 rows (i.e. 3 tasks):
"my task", "my note line 1
my note line 2
my note line 3"

I also tried to point Excel at the CSV file downloaded (rather than the one saved as text), as follows:
Data->Import External Data->Import Data

This also gave the same multi-line problem.

Any other ideas? Thanks.

Posted: Sep 11, 2009


I'm having problems doing an export to CSV of tasks where they contain foreign characters such as the French accented e (é).

What I want in the export file is this:

What I get is this:

Any ideas? Thanks.

Posted: Sep 07, 2009


I'm afraid I was forced to do a complete resync of all my thousands of Tasks again, and now - I suppose because of changes to the Toodledo software - it is totally impossible (even with using all the above hacks), to get all the tasks to synchronise. Totally impossible. Even if I reload them onto the web 1000 at a time and resync each time, it reaches about 5600 and just refuses to sync any further.

I've exported all my tasks one last time to CSV format and am going to have to take my data elsewhere and find another tool.


Thanks anyway.

Posted: Jul 24, 2009

Since the most recent version (1.5.2), I have noticed a huge increase in crashing; if I use the app for 5 mins, it will probably crash several times (i.e. just throw me totally out of the app). I do a lot of switching Todos from one folder to another, and I think the problem occurs when the app is trying to sync edited Todos. It's sufficiently bad and irritating I'm going to switch off "Sync on edit".

Anybody else noticing this?

Posted: Jul 23, 2009

I will keep requesting plain old "Cancel" and "Save" buttons for the iPod Edit Title, and consistency both within the application and with other appplications.

Here's an article on a similar theme:

OK, Toodledo doesn't overdesign, but it doesn't yet do a very good job on consistency.

Posted: Jul 22, 2009

When I define a search, e.g. "Tasks IN Folder XYZ AND Note contains ABC", I may wish to switch from column format to multi-line format, but when I do so the system throws away my search (Grrrr!) which I have just done, and I have to enter it again from scratch!

Surely, when I am in the middle of search, this should be a modal type of thing, which remembers what my current search is if I switch the display format.

Posted: Jul 20, 2009

When you create a task and when you edit a task, there are annoying inconsistencies/differences in the interface:
a) title "Add Task" vs. "Edit Title"
b) "Cancel" button top-left and big "Save task and edit details" button vs. "Task Details" button top-left
c) a big "Save task and edit details" button vs. no button

I know you're trying to be helpful in making some great big distinction between creating a task, and editing an existing task. My advice: don't! When, for example, I create a document in MS Word, there is absolutely ZERO difference in the interface between whether I am editing a brand new document or editing existing content. That's how it should be with creating/editing a task.

In BOTH case I think the interface should be as follows:
- title always says "Edit Title" (or always "Edit Task")
- just always a "Cancel" button and a "Save button at the top
- NO additional redundant "Save task and edit details" button

Posted: Jul 20, 2009

On my iPod Touch, if Toodledo is doing a synchronisation, I am not able to even READ a note, but get the error message "Sync in Progress - please wait for the current sync to finish before editing a task" when I click on the "Read Note" button. This is extremely annoying when all I want to do is READ a task note. At the very least the error message is wrong, because it says "...before EDITING a task".

I think that it should allow me to READ a task note while the editing is happening.

Posted: Jul 11, 2009

On iPod Touch (or iPhone), when you have a task which has various text fields (title, note), why is the whole UI utterly different when editing the title than from editing the title?!? And why is it utterly different from standard iPhone apps like Contacts?!?

To compare:
a) Inconsistent edit mechanism:
Click on Task Title -> goes straight into "Edit Title" screen where can edit directly Title. (Hooray!!)
Click on Read Note -> goes to a "Task Details" screen where you have to click "Edit" to actually edit the note. (Groan!!)

b) Inconsistent save/cancel mechanism:
For "Edit Title" to save you click "Task Details" (!) or "Done", and there is no cancel at all!! (Groan!!)
For edit of "Task Details", you click "Save" to save and "Cancel" to cancel (Hooray!!)

I don't think that there needs to be any special "Edit" button for the task note. For example, when you edit a document in MS Word, you don't go into a document and then click edit! When you go into a document, you go into the document; you can then either Cancel or Save.

I think that a Task Note is just a text field like the Task title and so the UI should be identical for both, i.e. if you click on the title or the note, you go directly into Edit mode on the item and there are "Cancel" and "Save" buttons.

In summary: make Title and Task note edit function the same, with going direct into edit mode with both having a Cancel and Save button. (This is how it works for iPhone contacts fields.)

Posted: Jul 07, 2009

a) Go to a task and click "Add Note" (or "Read Note")
b) Tap on the area of the note
c) Click "Edit"

The keyboard does not appear, which is most disconcerting (since you then can't actually do anything). If, on the other hand, you just click "Edit" without setting the focus to the note, the keyboard appears.

Is this a bug?

Posted: Jul 07, 2009

I was very excited to see in the toodledo update for iPhone 3.0 update that this problem of numbers of tasks larger than 999 was supposedly fixed.

Imagine my disappointment and laughter when I see that it's nothing of the sort! Clearly whoever tested this "fix" didn't test it on an iPod with thousands of notes.

The home page number-bubble of the application does at least now show the total number if greater than 999. However none of the other number-bubbles are any different at all!! For example, "All Tasks" on mine shows "7695", but when I go into folders I see "Folder A" has "30..." tasks (groan!), and "Folder B" has "11.." tasks (groan!). Even the "Any Folder" shows only "76..." - it should be obvious that at least this counter needs to show all the digits.

Nice try! Still needs some work though.

(I'll say too that the 4-digit number like 7695 in the current bubble is almost unreadable because it's so small).

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Posted: May 22, 2009

Each time I have to get my many todos (currently 7606) synced to my iPod I get a little more efficient. Below I outline the problems and my workarounds.

There are a number of bugs in Toodledo which are a pain related to this, and they are as follows:

a) the iPod app crashes from around 5300+ todos, meaning that the sync directly just becomes impossible. By repeated attempts at synching I've seen as many as 6000 sync OK, but cannot get it to go to 7606!

b) If there is a folder on iPod with more than 1000 notes, you can't see how many notes there are in that folder, because Toodledo just displays the first two digits of the number, e.g. "13.." for anything between 1300 and 1399.

c) the Toodledo website crashes with out of memory errors when you try to import large amounts of notes (about 1000 at a time is OK). There is no workaround for this - you just have to import max of about 1000 at a time.

d) the CSV import/export throws away all your "Date Created" information. Thus if you export your notes, and reimport them, the date creation will be reset for all the imported notes to be the date of the import. There is no workaround for this. You're just gonna lose your real creation dates. Pity.

Following is how I most recently did got my todos resynced onto the iPod.
i) exported all 7606 todos into CSV format (at least the export doesn't run out of memory, even if it sadly does not export creation date)

ii) on the website, reduced the number of todos to the threshhold where sync will still work. To be structured, I deleted the items in 2 folders (one folder had 1116 todos, another folder had 1096 todos). This meant I now had a total of 5394 todos on the web.

iii) Delete all data on the iPod

iv) Resync the iPod. In actual fact, even with 'only' 5394 todos, the iPod app crashed the first time after about 5000 notes, but the second attempt managed to complete the sync.

v) [OPTIONAL CHECK] The problem of not being able to actually see how many todos are at this stage on the iPod is a pain, since it displays "53xx", but I wanted to be sure that all 5394 todos where synced. To do this I created 6 more blank notes on the website, bringing my total number of notes to 5400. I now synced again, and saw that the iPod now had "54xx" notes. So the sync was perfect so far.

vi) Create a copy of the CSV file with a subset of the todos from one of the deleted folders (e.g. the one with 1116 todos). Note that the number of todos must not be more than around 1000 or the import to the website will crash with out of memory error. Import these todos to Toodledo. Force sync on the iPod.

vii) Repeat step (vi) for the other deleted folder of todos.

viii) [OPTIONAL CHECK] Repeat step (v) if you wish to check all the todos are synced OK.

ix) Remove any dummy todos created for steps (v) or (viii).


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Posted: May 22, 2009
From Topic: Support tickets link

I've just spent 20 minutes hunting for the support tickets link, and I only found it indirectly through the forums! Shouldn't this be more easily accessible?!?

So save at least me looking for it again, it's here:

(At least I can track it down easily now through my forum posts)

Posted: May 22, 2009

Again I need to do a resync of all my notes (I only changed my email address, and it forced a from-scratch resync), and this is still broken. It's a right pain to get things back working again (I've set aside all this morning to do it!).

Can you make it so that it is possible to select a particular folder to sync? That way it would be easy enough to just synchronise one folder by one.

I may be a pretty special case, but this is something that doesn't work with your software and I really think you should look at fixing it.

I see elsewhere that you are looking at bringing closer together your Todos and Notes. You can bet that there are people who really want to store a whole load of notes. You may think I'm storing a lot of records (around 7500), but come on, it's not as if I'm storing 7.5 million!

Posted: May 22, 2009

This is still sadly broken on the iPod. It makes it actually very difficult to be know whether the sync has worked correctly (which is also a feature which doesn't work for thousands of ToDos).

Any idea when this will be fixed?
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