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Posted: Aug 31, 2013
From Topic: Category Drop Downs

When you create a task that you are going to share with a client it appears that they have the ability to see other items that were set up in a category.

Foe example, if I set up a task for myself to "clean the house" and I assign it to the goal of "maintaining my sanity" and include in the folder "personal stuff". Then I set up a task for my client to "create a system for maintaining tools in the tool room". I assign it to a folder "Client A" and assign it a goal of "Improve Shop Appearance".

When I collaborate with Client A and share only the tasks from the folder "Client A" it seems they have the ability to access a drop down menu within the goals column and see that there also exists a goal of "Maintaining my sanity". Is there a way to manage the tasks shared with the client so they do not have access to other items that were set up in the categories?