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Posted: Dec 08, 2010

Thanks for letting me know that this is in the works. I'd like to advocate this feature so it goes up higher in the priority list!

Posted: Dec 07, 2010

Ah yes, it is something like that, but your link is for all tasks. Is it possible to assign an additional email only for specific tasks?

Posted: Dec 07, 2010

For the email reminder field, is it possible to add additional email addresses and not just your own?

For example, I need to visit the grocery store on Saturday 10 am with my significant other and we made a grocery task list together. This task has an email reminder set at Saturday 9 am.

Would it be possible to add the significant other's email address to the reminder field so that both of us (rather than just me) would get the reminder?

Posted: Dec 06, 2010

Here's an interesting article on To do applications: http://gizmodo.com/5707232/the-six-best-apps-for-getting-stuff-done

Astrid and Got To Do were mentioned.

Does Astrid sync with Toodledo? It looks like it might be as good as the Ultimate To Do List or better.

Posted: Dec 04, 2010

The Ultimate To Do List can't sync notes? What about subtasks for both of them?

Posted: Dec 03, 2010

I recently switched to Android from the iPhone. Androids user subscriptions are on pace to match iPhone subscriptions within a month and even exceed. I am surprised that there is no official Toodledo app for the Android platform.

So I looked around and found these four Android applications that supposedly work with Toodledo. Which of these four applications would you pick over others and why? Subtask support is important too as I am a Pro subscriber.
1) Ultimate To-Do List http://www.todolist.co/
2) Got To Do http://www.todolist.co/
3) Due Today http://www.lakeridgesoftware.com/products/android/DueToday/
4) Pocket Informant http://www.pocketinformant.com/products_info.php?p_id=pocketinformant_android
5) Other?

Looking forward to a good discussion.

Posted: Jun 02, 2010

Is there a bookmarketlet that will create a new task and automatically insert the current page's URL into the note field? Slim Toodledo doesn't have this.

Posted: Mar 08, 2010

This is fixed according to Chrome build 5.0.342.2 dev :D!!

Posted: Feb 23, 2010

It looks like a fix was posted for Chrome today: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=23499

Does anyone know how to update Chrome to get this fix???

Posted: Oct 05, 2009

It is checked in Firefox. I purged Firefox's cache as well and that fixed the issue. Very odd.


Posted: Oct 05, 2009

In both Firefox and Chrome, I tried to modify my tasks' field settings such as priority and date.

In Firefox, the popup menu/calendar would not appear (flickering occurred). In Chrome, the popup calendar appears and not the priority dropdown list.

I am not sure if this is a local problem or multi-pc problem.

Even after purging my Chrome cache, the priority popup list does not appear. Why?

Posted: Sep 14, 2009

It looks like the problem occurred again. This solves the BITLY PROCESSED problem, but it doesn't solve the newline deletion issue. I think this occurs when I make a change in edit mode, and click outside of the note field to save, and then rapidly go back to the edit mode to make further changes. Upon going back to the edit mode rapidly, the newlines delete themselves.

So using textpad, I substituted <a href with \n\n<a href to get some format back although it doesn't prevent the issue.

Posted: Sep 14, 2009

I think you are right! I found an unknown bit.ly plugin that was installed by one of my family members on this PC. That may have caused the BITLY plugin to mess with the links. I have uninstalled this plugin. Hopefully this will also solve the newline deletion issue!

Posted: Sep 14, 2009

Ok, thanks! I posted a ticket with screenshots attachments!

Posted: Sep 14, 2009

Ok, I can omit the http part to solve the link problem.

But why does the editing of the note sometimes cause the deletion of the newlines? Multiple times, I had a nicely formatted note, and after editing it, the text became one huge blob of text.

Posted: Sep 14, 2009

No, I do NOT use Twitter or any other service/plugin except with the iPhone and www.toodledo.com to access ToodleDo

When inputting a link in the note of the task, like "http://www.google.com", the link shows up as:
<*a bitly="BITLY_PROCESSED" href="http://www.google.com" auto="1">http://www.google.com<*/a>
(without * characters. I manually put * to show the HTML text)

How do I fix or disable this? I am using Chrome and Firefox browsers and in both cases, the above scenario occurs.


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Posted: Sep 12, 2009


This has happened to me multiple times and is quite frustrating. I thought it was a one-time incident, but it is not the case.

When opening a long note that contains text and links, the newlines in the note get deleted and the note becomes one huge glob of text. Is there a way to fix this ASAP? I have wasted lots of time trying to get my notes back the way it was before.

Secondly, what is the new BITLY tags that have been added to the links? It may have been the cause of the newline deletion problem and secondly, it is very hard to select certain or all pieces of the notes' text because the BITLY tags are displayed in edit mode. It is even hard to select the text in non-edit mode because a single click enters edit mode automatically. Is there a way to REMOVE the BITLY tags?

Thanks! I'd like this problem to be fixed ASAP as I am a paid subscriber and have been a long time user of toodledo (relatively). Please message me at gkumar [at] gmail [.] com if you have questions as I do not check the forums often.


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Posted: Aug 10, 2009

That makes sense. Thanks for your very comprehensive responses. I think Folder/Tasks is the way to go for now.

Also, if I had a parent task due Today with Daily Recurrence and 50 different subtasks all marked "With Parent", is there a way to postpone that parent task and its 50 subtasks to next week without having to check the parent task 7 times, or modify every task/subtask's due date to be 7 days later?

Posted: Aug 07, 2009

Yes that website makes sense for the most part.

However if the parent task with a daily occurence was marked complete today with one of the subtasks being due on a subsequent day and not repeating with a "Parent", why does it disappear from the subtask list once that parent list recurs again the next day? Shouldn't the subtask with the subsequent due date still appear in the list?

The only way I can make it appear in the list to have "With Parent". Is there an option to make the subtask have a "fixed" subsequent due date whenever the parent task is checked off? It makes sense that the subtask should not disappear when the parent task is checked since the subtask's due date is in the future beyond the parent's due date.

Also, is it possible to add an option such as "Fixed Due Date" to have a fixed due date in "With Parent" recurrence mode regardless of parent task's recurrence frequency?

Posted: Aug 06, 2009

Hi, I've a main task "Work" that has a "On Weekdays" recurrence. And within "Work", I've recurring subtasks that are due today with "With Parent" recurrence". So if I check off "Work", Work as well as its subtasks will be due on the next weekday like its parent.

However if I were to add a subtask due on a certain fixed date, how can make sure that task's due date does not disappear nor change from its originally set fixed due date when the parent's due date changes during recurrence? I tried "Due On", "Due By", "Due On", "Optionally After" for the subtask's due date, but it still recurs and does not stay fixed.

I also tried messing with the "Repeat from Due Date" and "Completed Date" task as well. If there is no repeat for the subtask, the subtask disappears when the parent is checked off too, and I want it to remain.

"Work" main task Due on 8/6/2009 Repeat Weekdays
- Subtask #1 Due on 8/6/2009 Repeat With Parent
- Subtask #2 Due on 8/12/2009 Repeat with ?????

Upon checking the main task, it should be:
"Work" main task Due on 8/7/2009 Repeat Weekdays
- Subtask #1 Due on 8/7/2009 Repeat With Parent
- Subtask #2 Due on 8/12/2009 Repeat with ?????

and NOT the following but this happens:
- Subtask #2 Due on 8/13/2009 Repeat with ?????

How can I do that?

Thanks in advance!

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