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Posted: Oct 24, 2012
From Topic: A TD Grocery List

Many thanks for your post (original post of this thread). I have been using SplashShopper for years and was really getting tired of it. Once in a while I would look around for a replacement but nothing ever did it for me. Your post was an inspiration and made me sign up to try it out. I am just starting out and am amazed at how well it seems to fit my needs. I'll have to use if for a while in real life to be sure.

I have more than 400 items and never cleaned them up. It was quite simple to get them all into TD and a breeze to set things up as you said.

And the iPhone/iPad app is great. I am quite pleased to be able to edit my lists on both devices, something I couldn't do previously. I couldn't even edit the lists on my desktop machine before, so this is really much better.