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Posted: Dec 03, 2012

Thank you Jake. That is all very helpful indeed.

Posted: Dec 02, 2012


I have a couple of quick questions, and I have been trying to figure things out for myself here and think I must be missing some important information.

1.) When I assign a due date to something, I often do so randomly, just so I finally start accomplishing things and making headway in life. But when I pick that "random" due date, I haven't found a way in Toodledo to see if that day already has 637 other things assigned to it, or if it's even a day I have open to schedule anything on at all. Are there ways to view things on a calendar like that? It would be really ideal I guess if each thing or group of things that was assigned was assigned a "time slot", and that slot was then blocked off so you couldn't overschedule yourself. Also . . . I'd love to take maybe one day a week and schedule nothing into it so I could have overflow time for unfinished jobs. As it stands right now, my "past due" list gets longer and longer each day, and I don't want to keep re-assigning things to other days willy-nilly until I find a way to make assigning a little less arbitrary.

2.) Also . . . if jobs are daily jobs . . . is there a way to have them roll into the next day when they haven't been done. So on Monday night if I don't "run dishwasher", do I really need to check it off as done to see it on Tuesday's list? I would think that by the time I refresh my screen on Tuesday morning, it should just be in the Tuesday job list. Toodledo knows it's a new day, toodledo also knows the box is unchecked, and Toodledo knows it's a daily task. So theoretically there must be a way for the task to just roll over, right?

Thanks all!