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Posted: Dec 16, 2012

Ok, i think i may have done what i was supposed to to get it to sync, but i deleted a couple tasks from toodledo entirely and it is still on my google calendar. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

Posted: Dec 15, 2012

I tried to use 5 subject notebooks..... didn't really work..... my 3 ring binder turned into a massive, overstuffed, dividerless mass of unorganized and random papers collaborated together. lol. so far I'm still scatterbrained, but I'm trying lol

Posted: Dec 14, 2012

thanks for the suggestions...
I have an iphone as well so i will take a look at what u said. Reminders are always good. I guess as long as the reminders go to the same place (my phone), then it doesnt matter where they are coming from. Figuring this out is equivilant to pulling my fingernails out with a wrench. For some unfortunate reason, this whole organization and planning idea goes against every particle in my body.

I guess i know how to typically make a link to a typical website. This is slightly different, so i dont exactly know how to make it work. I guess ill just have to trial and error it out. Unfortunately, i wont be able to start that until after school starts, which i was really trying to avoid. Maybe I shouldnt worry about linking assignments and appropriate notes.... Having notes for each class by the end of the semester will be a step in the right direction. I guess i was a little too ambitious. :/

Posted: Dec 14, 2012

well, I'm a civil engineering technology major. and matter of fact, this coming semester, my classes will either be fully online or a hybrid of online and classroom. only one class is fully classroom. so... my assignments will actually be online, where u enter answers online and submit the assignment online, usually through a program called webassign which automatically grades each assignment as its submitted.
so it's not really possible to copy and past the assignment. the assignments aren't really copy and pasteable if you know what I mean

I have made a folder for each class and plan on making assignments using tasks, but how could I easily store my notes and connect them to each appropriate assignment. I am unfamiliar with google docs or hot links so if it could work, I'm kinda oblivious. ill try to look at it, but any explanation would be greatly appreciated.

up til now, I've never really taken notes, because I always lost em. I was the kid who did well and never really put the time into learning "how" to do well. I've never had any system of organization.... and now I'm being bombarded with documents, appointments, due dates, work schedules, and classes which I need to focus intensely on, and I can't just keep it all in my head anymore.... so I'm trying to relearn how to operate entirely.

so how does that system work, with google docs as you suggested.... and is there a good way to separate "calendar" type things as opposed to to do list type things. like my work schedule/ class times being separated from my homework and projects?

Posted: Dec 14, 2012

I am very new to Toodledo. I am quite unfamiliar with this organizing system and to be honest, i am quite confused, almost frustrated. I am a college student, and i will be picking up classes again in January. My goal before then is to have everything under control within this system and be generally organized, so that going into the new semester, i can have a systematic way of tracking and saving all my information, since thus far in life, i havent. I have done a decent amount of reading and watching videos about the best way to take notes and organize them within this program or others. Evernote seems to be popular, but i cant see an easy way to connect the two, keeping everything in 1 place. The toodledo notebook seems to be very basic and would be difficult to take class notes with, organize, or view easily. So my first question:
1) what are some suggestions for note taking, as in class notes? the goal is to keep notes organized by class, and chapter and to somehow connect the notes for each class/chapter to the appropriate assignment under the task section. So when i am in class, i can take notes and easily save them, in such a way that I can attach them to the appropriate assignemt which is in "tasks". So when I see that I have an assignment coming, I can quickly have all the related notes for the topic. At least that is what i invisioned. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Secondly, im having trouble keeping my tasks uniform (i.e. the same pattern of information in the title, the note section, etc). so my next question....

2) what are some good systematic ways to label and organize my tasks and/or notes?

3) what is good way to keep "calendar" type tasks, such as appointments, or even college classes separate from my to-do list such as assignments and ASAP tasks.... in such a way that I can view one list, the other list, or both together quickly?

And finally,
4) is there any useful way to store "reference information" or important documents in Toodledo or another easily syncable program other than just making a folder of reference information and packing it with information?