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Jason Bentz

Posted: Aug 13, 2009

I have to jump on this bandwagon as well, one more for sub-sub-tasks.

That is how I setup my first implementation of Toodledo, with a Folder for every project, and then I had two levels of tasks that could follow that. I generally liked the way that worked, but like others have said, I have way too many projects, and the task list was cluttered.
Jason Bentz

Posted: Aug 12, 2009

Interesting. I started using Toodledo a while back, and based on this thread, finally worked out a system that works fairly well for me.

Folders - used for general areas of focus

Inbox (used for quickly adding tasks that I don't have time to file)
Contacts (used for reminders about people, birthdays, etc.)
Vehicle Maintenance
Job (job search)

Contexts - used for locations, or denoting project/next action

.Calendar (used for reminders)
.Inbox (used for quickly adding tasks that I don't have time to file)
.Project (if I have a project, it is a task, which will have this context, then the subtasks will be the childs, and will have other contexts, this allows you to pull up projects by filtering by context)
.Research/Read (any time I need to do some research, or read a book)
@Computer - Home
@Computer - Office
@Errands (mobile tasks other than at home or office)
@People/Calls (face to face meetings or phone calls)

That is pretty much my system for now. If a task is just a single thing, such as, pick up milk at the store on the way home from work, then it will be just a task, in the folder "personal" with a context of "errands." If a task is involved, and requires multiple steps, then the overall project would fall in a given folder (generally personal or work), then under the .project context. The subtasks are just that, subtasks, that fall under that main task, and will generally be in the same folder, but with a different context that applies to that task.

This seems to be working pretty well for me. I open the online version of Toodledo, select folders, and pick the one I want to work on, then filter by context, if I'm at a computer, at home, or at the office, or about to go out and run errands, etc. I can do this same thing on my iPhone too.

Hope this helps someone, if you are struggling. It took me 3 times of completely redoing my system to end up here. I did kind of like using folders for projects, but as others have said here, the workflow to do that just takes too long if you are trying to enter tasks quickly. It is way easier to just have a projects context (or as some have done here, folder), and select it when making a task.
Jason Bentz

Posted: Dec 26, 2008
From Topic: Adding Subtasks

Nevermind, figured it out. Just had to turn it on in the fields settings in Account Settings.
Jason Bentz

Posted: Dec 25, 2008
From Topic: Adding Subtasks

I can't seem to get subtasks working, I am using the 7 day trial. I try and drag folders, try and drag tasks, but I see nothing about subtasks anywhere. Is this a limitation with the trial?