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Posted: Jan 25, 2013

Are you going to have saved searches included this time? Now that timers are in the iOS app (Yay!!), that is only missing tool preventing a complete experience on an iDevice.

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Posted: Dec 12, 2012

I didn't get much chance to use the new interface, so I can't say anything about the usability. I just want to say that I thought the graphic design of the new interface was an improvement.

But, what about getting search on the iOS client? This has been promised for years! It is always a huge disappointment to see all of this effort spent on UI design, first the web interface, and now the iOS interface, without first bringing the functionality of the two in sync. This is a bigger issue than background color, or tab style.

Aside from that, the iOS client still seems to work like a point and click web interface. I have a multi touch screen. I'd rather not categorize items by going into each one and selecting a category from a drop down list box. I'd rather grab a bunch of items and move them to where I want them. Obviously that's much more programming work, but I'd like to throw my support behind experimenting with the UX design even more than the UI design.

So, I don't think you're spending time developing things that would be of much value to me even if the stuff you are releasing looks nice.

Posted: Aug 01, 2011

Love the old site, love the new site, hate the admin's attitude towards customer communications.

The way they run things now, I sometimes feel like us users are just an inconvenient nuisance in their little hobby project.

Posted: Jul 30, 2011

Just to add to the irony of those handful of users that wanted UI changes, I've seen more requests for changes to the UI in the last 4 days, than I've seen in the last 4 years.

Posted: Jul 30, 2011

Posted by Salgud:

I read all these, and there were actually a handful of people who actually wanted a flashy new UI. It is certainly not the universal theme of those threads that you have implied, but it is more than I was familiar with.
It still doesn't mitigate their lacklustre customer communications. In their release announcement, they recognise that adapting to the new site will take time, but they don't respect your time enough to give you advanced notice that they are going to be taking that time from you. They will also tell you, ad nauseum, that other changes that are being requested are next in the pipeline, and will get done 'sooner rather than later', and repeat this mantra for years, while they are, in fact, doing no such thing, as evidence by this new design.

Posted: Jul 30, 2011

Posted by Salgud:

Please define "clandestine". They've been saying for some time that they were working on major project. I, and others, surmised it might well be the long promised new UI we so desperately wanted, more than any other single feature. I, and others, based upon the vast majority of posters, am delighted with the result.

If it was not done clandestinely, you, and others, would not have to surmise what it might be.

Since you didn't want it, you claim no one did. Obviously, you rarely visit these forums, or, if you do visit, you're very selective in your reading.

Actually, no. I did a search on 'theme' and 'design' and counted the number of posts where someone was critical in any way of the design, prior to the redesign announcement. Answer: 2.

One of the longest running threads has been the request for a new, prettier, more user friendly UI. And that's along with many, many separate threads started at least once a week, asking for the same.

And they did so without using the words 'theme' or 'design'. Very clever of them.

You have every right to your view of the new face, but please, don't claim to represent the majority just because you didn't want it and, by predisposition, don't like it. If you can read, look at the comments since the new version arrived. Yes, there are quite a few complaints about being surprised, but the vast majority are extremely pleased both that the new UI has finally arrived, and at it's appearance and utility.

The only critical thing I have to say about the new theme, is that it is barely functional on the iphone. My frustration is with their lack of customer relations, not the quality of their development.

Maybe TD made a mistake by not announcing it more publicly, but I'll happily take a surprise gift that is simultaneously highly useful and aesthetically pleasing rather than just puttering along with the mundane. YMMV.

And I'd prefer they deliver some of the functionality that they have been promising for 3+ years.

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Posted: Jul 29, 2011

Posted by Jim:
None of the changes caused me to be unable to use the service so there is no issue there for me.

That is not the case if you are using an iphone to access features of the site not supported on the standalone app. The new version is alternatingly clumsy, or outright broken on the iphone.

I assume that since it is a web-site-hosted tool that things can and will change with little or no notice. If I need or want things to stay the same I'll buy an app that installs on my computer and never upgrade it.

This was far from a tweak, or bug fix. If you had read the posts, you would have seen that this was a major effort that required months of effort. They could have sent an email at anytime.

4. I was delighted to see the changes. There are others out there that promise for months (years sometimes) that "We are making the following changes" and then months later it's still the same. I much prefer the surprise to the empty promises.

You must be new here. There are many features that people have been begging for, for YEARS, that have been promised, for YEARS, that have yet to materialize. Then, you log in one day, and see that they have been clandestinely spending all of their time over a number of months on some flashy new theme that no one has been asking for, is extremely frustrating.

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Posted: Jul 28, 2011

Having your task list change out from under you is not a pleasant experience. Please, never try to 'surprise' us again. It doesn't matter if it is a good change or a bad change, the fact that there was insufficient notification diminishes trust. As a paying customer, I would expect an email, or an on site notification, at least a week or so in advance. The way you 'sprang' this on your customers was extremely disrespectful of your users.

Posted: Jun 18, 2011

This is the same thing we've been hearing about both these features for 3 years. Having a 'policy' of stringing your users along in no way excuses it.

You may as well promise a feature that reads your mind and makes your breakfast, and just not commit to a timeframe, cause in a hundred years you'll probably have it.

Posted: Jun 18, 2011

being able to add tags to a context seems like a better solution.

Posted: Jun 18, 2011

Just a clarification on what the GTD book actually says. At no point does it *ever* talk about putting an action on multiple context lists. If you do a search on the word 'anywhere' you will see the quote that Proximo quoted, that says there are actions that can be done anywhere, and does not say to put those actions on every single context. The David specifically talks about deciding *which* context to put an action on, and not putting it on both. So the concept of checking *all* context lists that apply to your current location is very much in the GTD DNA.

What is *actually* mentioned is the 'Anywhere' context, as well as the 'Errands - Anywhere' vs 'Errands - Ojia' contexts.
You will note that 'Get Dress Socks' very clearly goes on 'Errands - Everywhere', and not on both 'Errands' contexts.

P.146 I keep two "Errands" lists—"Errands—Ojai" (where I live) and "Errands—Anywhere," for all those other things I can pick up even when I'm on the road. "T-connectors for irrigation" would go on
"Errands—Ojai," but "Get dress socks" would go on "Errands—Anywhere."

P.214: You need to decide where and how you want to do that action, in order to know which action list to put it on. Do you do this kind of thinking best on a computer, or by hand-writing your thoughts on paper? I may choose either medium, depending on what my intuition tells me. For me this next action would go either on my "At Computer" list or on "Anywhere" (because I can draw mind-maps wherever I am, as long as I have pen and paper).

P.214: If you're carrying the project notes around with you in a folder, or in a portable organizer or on a laptop, then the "Organize . . . " action would go on an "Anywhere" or "Misc." action list if you're going to do it by hand, or on "At Computer" if you're going to use a word processor, outliner, or project-planning software.

Posted: Feb 05, 2011

Yes please! Different searches represent different types of tasks and different use cases which often have a sort order implied. Not saving the sort makes switching between searches very cumbersome.

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Posted: Feb 04, 2011
From Topic: Timer on Itouch

We've been told that timer is coming since June of 2009. It isn't THAT tricky. How about making the timer require an internet connection, and just calling a web service to trigger it directly on the server. No syncing required. Then you can assess the demand for a disconnected syncing timer.

if you get around to implementing a disconnected mode, it isn't tricky at all, it is just ugly. You have to keep a log of start times and end times; there is no way around it. Also it isn't that hard to account for multiple overlapping starts and stops coming from an unknown number of devices, say you press start on your iPad, and on your iPhone, and then press stop on the web site. Assuming a SQL database, if you had a separate table for starts and stops the duration of all past (i.e have been stopped) for a task would look like (indentation has been lost):

create table stops (
taskId numeric(18,0),
stopTime timestamp
create unique index stopsTaskTimes on stops ( taskId, stopTime )

create table starts (
taskId numeric(18,0),
startTime timestamp
create unique index startsTaskTimes on starts ( taskId, startTime )

select sum(timestampdiff(SECOND, start.startTime, nextStop.stopTime)) as duration
from starts start
inner join stops nextStop on start.taskId = nextStop.taskId and nextStop.stopTime > start.startTime
and not exists (select 1 from stops innerStops where innerStops.taskId = start.taskId and innerStops.stopTime < nextStop.stopTime and innerStops.stopTime > start.startTime)
left join stops prevStop on prevStop.taskId = start.taskId and prevStop.stopTime < start.startTime
and not exists (select 1 from stops innerStops where innerStops.taskId = start.taskId and innerStops.stopTime > prevStop.stopTime and innerStops.stopTime < start.startTime)
(prevStop.stopTime is null and not exists (select 1 from starts innerStarts where innerStarts.taskId = start.taskId and innerStarts.startTime < start.startTime))
or (prevStop.stopTime is not null and not exists (select 1 from starts innerStarts where innerStarts.taskId = start.taskId and innerStarts.startTime < start.startTime and innerStarts.startTime > prevStop.stopTime))

The currently running duration would just be:

select timestampdiff(SECOND, min(starts.startTime), CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) as duration
from starts
where not exists (select 1 from stops where stops.stopTime > starts.startTime)

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