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Posted: Jun 06, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Outlines

Hi all.

From the app Handbrake's User Guide:

QUOTE -----------------------------

It also goes by the name ​Zawinski's Law:

Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can.

UNQUOTE -----------------------------


Posted: Jun 06, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Outlines

Hi all.

Is it just me? Some icons in the new "Outlines" display as a hex code...

iMac, OS X 10.8.3, Firefox 21.0


Posted: Feb 10, 2013


Quoted from the help section:

How do I show or hide task notes?

If you are viewing your tasks in grid mode, you can show or hide individual notes by clicking on the or icons adjacent to the task. You may need to scroll your window horizontally to see this icon if your window is too small. If you wish, you can move the note icons to the left side of the task. This is an option in your account settings.

If you are viewing your tasks in multi-line mode, you can show or hide individual notes by clicking on the disclosure triangle for the task.

To open or close all of the notes, and save this preference for future visits, click the icon in the blue toolbar.


Posted: Jan 16, 2013

Great! Thanks.

Posted: Jan 15, 2013
From Topic: Checklists

Hi Jim.

Don't know what your technical environment is but if on iPhone/iPod, have you looked at Listomni?


Posted: Jan 15, 2013

For what it's worth, I, for one, love to see the words instead of the dates!

(If you're going to change this, at least make it a user-selectable preference...)


Posted: Jan 15, 2013

Hi all.

Maybe the core question is what role a "task manager" should be expected to play...

What would be the difference between a task mgr vs a project mgr?

I admit it would be nice to keep all our projects, all their sub-projects, all the sub-projects' sub-projects and, finally, all the individual tasks in one place.

But is it realistic (or even desirable and practical) to want to do it all within the same program?

"Looking at projects" is more of a planning function, done periodically, and probably not on a daily basis. "Looking at tasks" is an execution function; I, for one, am looking at my list of tasks (those that I have selected for today) repeatedly during the day.

Do I need to have the ability to look at my projects at the same time, in the same tool? Not really.

Although, at the moment, I DO have all my projects (and the one level of sub-projects that Toodledo allows) and all their individual tasks in Toodledo. But I'm in the process of implementing GTD and I suspect that is going to change.

Let not Toodledo be a victim of Zawinski's Law of Software Envelopment! ("Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can.")

Good day all.

Posted: Jan 08, 2013

Posted by dwlloyd810:
I severely limit what I keep as physical records so that my files are limited. Part of my daily routine is to scan all incoming snail-mail into Evernote where it is indexed by content.

I have several projects that generate paper reference materials and I don't want to scan. I'm migrating away from Evernote (although I have a Premium account; Evernote simply doesn't work for me.

All of my video resource material is managed by XBMC software

Didn't know they existed :-( I've taken a quick look and I suspect that this may actually be the solution I'm looking for (for my multimedia project). Thanks for the headsup!

Thank you for your response.

Posted: Jan 08, 2013

Posted by JPR:
I use a simple "@" code at the end task description. For example, @A tells me reference material is in my "Active" file folder, which is my generic location for misc. items that don't justify creating a new file folder. I have a handful of these codes I use regularly.

You could do the same with the folder field, but you do so at the cost of extra screen real estate, an extra field to tab through when entering tasks, etc.

I like the idea of a code. I fully agree with your comment about the folder field. I'm already using the Note field and I do have the reflex, when looking at a task or a project, to check if there is a note. I suppose I could put a code there, when there is reference material, at no extra cost.

Thanks for the idea.

Posted: Jan 04, 2013

Hi all.

I'm calling this CIR in order not to call it CIA ;-)

I'm in the process of adapting ideas and the process (Collect, Process, etc...) of "Gettings Things Done".

Recently, I've started using Contexts in Toodledo (of which I've been a user for about 4 yrs now).

I'm at the stage of clarifying my "sources": my paper Inbox, my Mail Inbox, regular snail mail, ideas that pop up in my overactive mind, etc.

At the same time, I realize that I have two kinds of "information stores": one kind is for reference material that may be useful in the future and should be kept (somewhere) and one kind for project material that is useful for the duration of a specific project and probably won't need to be kept once the project has been completed.

Here's my problem:

Those information stores, I have in several places. Some are in physical paper file folders. Some are in computer folders on a hard disk. Some are in a Mail folder. Some are in a NoteBook (the Mac-only app by Circus Ponies) document. Some are in Toodledo task notes.

I would like to have a way, when looking at a task, for instance, to know whether there is a physical folder for the project this task is part of, or that there is a computer folder or emails, etc.

I remember, a while back, looking at a task I had to do and not being able to find reference material that I simply knew I had somewhere, because I couldn't remember if it was in a physical folder or a computer folder or a browser bookmark, etc.

Lately, I've been thinking of using the "Folder" field, in Toodledo, to carry a code that would alert me to the fact that there is one (or several!) of those information stores in existence.

I already use a FileMaker Pro database to keep track of my physical reference file folders. I was thinking, as one other alternative, to expand this to keep track of all the information stores.

But I was wondering if someone has a better idea.

So. What do you think?

Thanks for all your comments, suggestions, etc.

Posted: Dec 23, 2012

Posted by Jake:
Do you have syncing turned on inside our app


I did a manual sync from inside the Appigo app and now everything seems OK.

I just created two test notes (from TD-Web) and they appear OK in the IOS apps, as well as inside the Appigo app.


Posted: Dec 22, 2012

Hi all.

1- I modify a note in the "Notebook" tab of the Toodledo web page. I save it.

2- If I open the Appigo Notebook app on an IOS device (iPod and iPad, in my case), that note has been updated correctly (as per my Settings/Syncing Apps preferences. Fine.

HOWEVER, if I open the "Notebook" tab in the IOS Toodledo app, the note has NOT been updated!!!

What gives?

Posted: Dec 21, 2012

OK. Thanks for the reply.

Just a note, though: in the IOS app, the number of tasks is displayed at the far right-hand of the separator bar.

Personnally, I would much prefer to see it on the left-hand side, where the separator description is, like so:

In the Past (12 tasks)

Thanks and regards.

Posted: Dec 18, 2012

Hi all.

About the Web application (Macintosh, OS X 10.7.5, Firefox): for a while, there, I thought that the separator bars were displaying the number of tasks in their section. Currently, it displays the number of tasks when the section is collapsed.

But I was under the impression that previously it was also displaying the number of tasks when the section was not collapsed.

My imagination? (Or am I confusing with the IOS app???)


Posted: Dec 15, 2012

Sorry, but I disagree.

Make a "new" layout more user-customizable. That way, (almost) everybody is happy!


Posted: Dec 15, 2012

Posted by Joyce:
... and second by introducing more user controls so that people who want more background/text contrast can adjust that, people who don't want a grey background can turn it green or purple or?

+1, enthusiastically!

But...loose the triangle thing for priority. Or at least make it an option.


Posted: Dec 13, 2012
From Topic: Can't post image

Hi Salgud.

If you're still watching this topic, go see my answer to your reply in this post:



Posted: Dec 12, 2012

Hi Jake.

1- I don't particularly like the 3.0 interface changes that were made, but I'm not going back.

2- You might want to call 3.0 a "beta" version, and put it out there, as well as the previous version, so that your more adventurous customers can try it and feed you their comments; they could do this in confidence, knowing that in case of serious dislikes, they can always fall back to the previous version. Of course, there are additional costs involved in maintainig and supporting two versions and this also must be taken into account by you. This has already been suggested elsewhere in this thread.

3- As regards the interface likes and dislikes: you'll NEVER satisfy everyone with your choice of font size (for example): if it's OK for me, it's too large for my left-hand neighbor AND it's too small for my right-hand neighbor! You understand what I mean. The answer to this is to make those choices user-selectable. A lot more work for the developer, but the resulting increase in the pleasantness factor and therefore user satisfaction is probably worth it. Keep in mind that most of those items can be satisfied with a limited number of choices (font size: small, medium or large). Many would be simple ON/OFF: "display the priority triangle in the corner or not", "display the folder name or not", "display the full task description or just the first two lines", etc. You know what I mean.

Good luck. My PRO subscription expires soon and I will renew it.

"Fall seven times, get up eight times."

Posted: Dec 11, 2012

Hi Salgud.

So many steps... I'll try to remember for you: Here's how I did it, as far as I can remember. I'll bet you I could have taken a simpler road, but this worked for me:

1- I created a snapshot (that's the simple part)! On the Mac that's in .png format and that's good because it's one of the formats that works.
2- I opened an account (free) at ImageShack.com
3- After registering and responding to the confirmation email, I uploaded my snapshots.
4- I selected one of the snapshots (on the ImageShack site, in my profile) and selected, in the "Action" box on the right-hand side the option "Get code for email". That opened a dialog box that contains a URL. Clicked on that once and it got selected; once selected, I copied it.
5- Here's what my URL looked like: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/713/tomorrowdatecontextprio.png/
Notice how the number "713" is embedded in the middle of the URL? That's about to change.
6- I then opened a new tab (or a new window if you prefer) in my browser and pasted the URL in the address box (the place where URLs go) and hit "Enter". This opened a page, at ImageShack, that had the image of my snapshot right in the middle!
7- I right-clicked on the image of my snapshot and this opened a dialog box with a URL, but this time, the number "713" (in my example) has been moved to the front of the URL which now looked like this: http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/8521/tomorrowdatecontextprio.png. THIS is the URL that I used in the "img" HTML tag in my post. It looked like this:

< img src="http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/8521/tomorrowdatecontextprio.png" >

EXCEPT that there was NO space after the opening "<" nor before the closing ">".

Pheeeew! Hope this is clear enough!

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

Posted: Dec 06, 2012
From Topic: Sort doesn't work!

Posted by Jake:
The Routine task at the top of the list is separated from the Routine tasks at the bottom because it has a time whereas the others do not. Because it has a time, the first sort criteria (due date/time) is triggered first.

Ahem... I'm sorry, but the first sort criteria DID get triggered FOR ALL THOSE TASKS. As you can see, they're all grouped under "Due Tomorrow".

What happened, I think, is that (because there was a "due time" specified?) the first task got segregated or put aside and the two subsequent sort criteria did not operate on it...

That's NOT how sorting is done.

Or, the documentation should draw our attention to the fact that if "Due Date" is chosen, AND "Due Time" is not blank, here's what's going to happen, sort-wise...

Honestly, I can't think of any reason (from my standpoint as a user, as opposed to the programmer's standpoint) why the field "Due Time" should play any role in a sort based on "Due Date", "Context" and "Priority"!

Well... What can I say...
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