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Posted: Jan 07, 2009

Thank you very much. CSV sounds like the way to go.

About the contexts, that is the main reason i like toodledo so much, but i´m kind of a project guy and for each project i use a folder (I´m doing research and live on a boat so my life is just about projects everywhere). So it´s really the number of folders that are starting to get too many to get a grip on, especially when using the iphone interface. But i was taking a better look at all preferences and plan to upgrade instead to get the subtask option. I guess that´s the easiest way to get the number of folders down.

Thanx a lot for great replies and an excellent service!


Posted: Jan 05, 2009


I´m starting to get too many folders and tasks in my account and created a new account for stuff that are just job-related, but how do I move my folders from my previous account to my new one?

Thanx, Klas

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