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Posted: Jul 21, 2011
From Topic: Proximo's GTD Setup

Posted by Sirrick:
my question is: how do you decide your next actions for that day, and sorry if this is an easy question, but I don't know yet how to solve it.

I've just recently listened to all the free podcasts at davidco.com, so I have an answer from David Allen Himself about this.

He is okay with setting up a "hotlist" of things you actually intend to work on for a given day. If you want to make sure you deal with 5 or 10 of your 100 actions, feel free to break them out into a separate list to focus on.

When you're done with that, you can then look on the larger list and see what else you want to tackle.

That was a great relief for me to hear, because I've been using Toodledo's due dates to create that kind of focus and stage things for future dates.

If I have a list of 5 things, I'll work my way down the list. If I have 15 things, I end up dithering in an attempt to optimize.

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Posted: Jul 21, 2011

I have set up a couple of checklists for travel preparation, to make sure I don't forget anything whenever we go on a trip.

I have a "Vacation Prep" folder in Toodledo, and each checklist is a task, with the contents of the checklist in the task's note.

The important thing about a checklist is that you go through it and make sure everything is addressed properly, not that you click a checkbox.

Posted: Apr 13, 2011
From Topic: Procrastination help

I know where joelhfx is coming from. Once the novelty of GTD wore off for me, I ended up with neat, up-to-date lists of things that weren't getting done.

Many people in GTD discussion groups recommended Neil Fiore's "The Now Habit" as a great resource to help fight procrastination, and I am doing much better now. Come join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheNowHabit to discuss procrastination some more.

Posted: Jul 09, 2010

I just checked off a weekly recurring task on my iPhone, and the next recurrence of the task did not appear in my hotlist. Perhaps 2.0.2 fixed it?

Posted: Jul 08, 2010

I have seen the same thing happen on the iPhone, but I haven't been in that situation since the 2.0.2 update.

Likewise, leaving the Hotlist and coming back clears up the issue.

Posted: Jul 08, 2010
From Topic: Access to Inbox

In your "Account Settings" page, you can set your default folder for new items to be "Inbox", so things go right into your Inbox folder.

The "show how many items in Inbox" is an interesting suggestion -- I know I don't always check my inbox as often as I should.

Posted: Jun 25, 2010

It looks like there's no way to get the result I'm looking for with the folders-as-projects method either. The number of tasks on the folders page includes completed tasks.

I'll just have to troll through my projects one at a time to look for zero incomplete tasks -- which is easier to do with folders as projects rather than tasks as projects.

Posted: Jun 17, 2010

I know I'm posting on a three-month-old discussion, but this is where my search led me.

I think I'm doing something similar to Levi, where I have a "Projects" folder that has my projects in it. I've built a search that shows me all my unfinished projects that have no subtasks, so I can make sure all my projects have actions.

Now I want to build a search that shows me projects that have all their subtasks checked off. If all the subtasks are done, I need to do one of two things: add a new subtask, or check off the project as completed.

Can someone help me build that search?