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Posted: Aug 27, 2013
From Topic: escaping xml in notes

In the notes tab I am trying to store a block of XML for future reference. When I save, all closing tags that start with 'b' or 'i' are converted to closing bold and italic tags. For example, becomes and becomes .

1) How can I tell notes to not parse a message (treat it as raw text)?

2) Why does toodledo not leave non-understood tags alone? If toodledo thinks I maae a typo it should ask. The application should not assume it knows what I meant and silently change data.

Posted: Jul 09, 2013

If I create a new tag by typing it into the tag picker, that tag is not available in the tag picker until after I refresh the page. Even a soft refresh such as changing folders or saved search does not reload the tag list. This behaviour is the same in Chrome and Firefox.

I understand not querying for tags every time the tag field is selected, but adding a flag that is set when a new tag is added that will tell the picker to refresh once would fix this and still keep resource use low.