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Posted: Apr 30, 2014

I also couldn't log on using the menu bar...

Posted: Oct 19, 2013
From Topic: MindManager

Even linking to iThoughts for the iPad would be great!

Posted: May 09, 2013
From Topic: iOS App Version 3.0.5

Can we change the font size to be smaller?

Posted: Jan 17, 2013

me too....are you able to give us an idea what you are planning to include in the new release?

Many thanks

Posted: Jan 16, 2013

So can we please get an update on when and if the new UI will be released and modifications if any to what we had seen previously....please!

Posted: Dec 12, 2012

I also liked the look and feel of the upgrade but the FONT was too large. If the font size could be adjustable that would be great. I'd like to see a smaller font the same size as the new side bar that you developed

Posted: Nov 29, 2012

Please smaller font. If you enable the user to select a smaller font like the one you have on the side bar, it would be a very big improvement!


Posted: Nov 10, 2010

Does the ipad application support the entire page or do you need to view it in the iphone view to get clear text, etc (not fuzzy)

Posted: May 06, 2010

Thanks for the update. Any idea on release date for 1.3?

Posted: Feb 28, 2010
From Topic: 2Do app with Toodledo

Yeah - I use both at the moment and it sync's great. Am also waiting to see www.mylifeorganized.com for the iphone as well as this also looks interesting but they have said they wont sync to toodledo....I find the navigation and sub-tasks great in 2do....and it really has a striking layout

Posted: Feb 08, 2010

Thanks - what about syncing to Toodeldo?

Posted: Feb 06, 2010

Also look at taskangel as it is also coming along quite niceley and does sync to toodeldo...

Posted: Feb 05, 2010

Hi - any idea of timing on some of these enhancements? this would also be useful to know if possible

Posted: Jan 18, 2010

Hi - cant seem to download or save the mindmap? is the link working?

Posted: Jan 15, 2010

I'm using version 1.5.5 but the iphone won't recognise or see version 1.5.6 as an update....why?

Posted: Jun 05, 2009

Hi - just wondering how many people are using the new HTML light interface that Todoledo just released and how this compares to the Toodoledo Slim and Airdo.....

Any thoughts?

Posted: Jun 03, 2009

I love the HTML version....any idea when we can expect a new version on iTunes with all these new updates and mods?

Posted: May 20, 2009
From Topic: Toodledo AIR app

How do you get it to work? I have downloaded Adobe Air and when I try to open the file it asks me which program to use? What am I doing wrong? I am using IE should I be using Firefox?

Posted: Apr 30, 2009
From Topic: Due Date (today)

I noticed on the web application if my due date is today 1 May, it says that it is due tomorrow (2 May even thought the date I have entered for the due date is 1 May). Why doesn't it show up on the due date that I have entered?

On the iphone it shows up on the right due date (ie 1st May)

Posted: Apr 24, 2009

Is there a way to reduce the font size on the iPhone application or choose different font types.

I find the font size alittle too big and would like the option to choose the size of the font to display.
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