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Posted: Mar 27, 2013

Do you have any "ETA"? I can understand that you have *a lot* of thing on your todolist (great for you, that you have Toodledo;)

The "append tag" feature is something that is useful in many situations, especially when archiving "things" that you want to "reactivate later" (e.g. search for the specified TAG, multiedit tasks -> Next Action).

WORKAROUND? I have really no idea - but - can the Toodledo account be accessed from a terminal (I'm in OSX) and my needs be solved with a simple script? I guess this is for the "advanced", but I'm eager to learn...;)

Posted: Mar 26, 2013

This issue has been brought up before. I am interested in the status of this important feature. "This is something that we hope to support in a future update." (2009-10-28)



I use Toodledo for many things. One thing is "packing list".

Now, I have a lot of items from the latest trip and I would like to "tag" all the items with e.g. "2013 - North pole". Another trip could be tagged with e.g. "2013 - Grandma". Some things are common to both trips, however, I doubt that one need "North pole equipment" when going to Grandma...

Tagging up old packing lists gives you a head start for the next packing list... For example when going to the South pole or your uncle...;)

Thanks for any information (or workaround/ alternative)!

Posted: Dec 26, 2012

Hi, I push "next action" tasks into the future by assigning a "start date". This is very convenient for me in the "Toodledo environment". However, when I use sync to Google calendar, it seems that the task is interpreted as an event.

A full day event is created if the task has a strata date. It is more problematic if start date is used together with due date (and or length) - a tasks may enter your calendar as a very long event.

The solution is to avoid using start AND due date for a task. Or do you have another solution to this issue?

My wish would be that the Toodledo developers offer the following option:

i) only sync due dates (default)
ii) sync all dates as it is today (optionally).

Or perhaps someone of you smart guys have another convenient solution...;)

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Posted: Dec 14, 2012

I have been a Toodledo user for more than three years now.

However, the thing that has been bugging me all of the time is that the user interface is so UGGLY (my taste). Therefore, I was really EXCITED and HAPPY with the new interface.

I am not too worried about bugs introduced by the new interface, as I figure those things are rather quickly fixed in future upgrades...

I definitely want the new design to re-appear! For me, it made planning, prioritization, GTD more PLEASING.

Posted: Aug 01, 2011

That is certainly a way to do it! I am considering doing just that - however, I already use the tags in another way, and I try not to use the tags too much (in my experience the tags are so flexible [and good], so that when I start using them, they end up being too many and I loose sight of what I'm doing).

I use the tags for archiving purpose. For example, I went to Denmark (on a bicycle trip;) last week. All items I used on that journey have the tag Denmark2011, so that I can quickly return to that list if I am about to do something similar.

Posted: Jul 31, 2011

Can I change the status of a task AND all subtasks in one go?

One way to do this in a few steps is to do a search for the specific task and then show all subtasks inline and then do multi-edit. But this is time consuming, especially if you have many tasks (with subtasks) that you want to change the status on.

The long story...

My motive is the following: I have a folder called "packing" which I use repeatedly when I travel. In this folder there are a number of items (not tasks) that I should pack. I group the items (subtasks) into collections (tasks) i.e..

sleeping gear
>sleeping bag

tech gear
>USB memory
>extra battery

bicycle gear
>bike carrier
>spare tire

Depending on the activity that I am about to engage into, I set the status to "None" or "Reference" and filter by "deferred tasks". The reason I use "None" is because then the items shows up as a plain list when I choose to filter deferred tasks. The reason I use "Reference" is because it is handy to have a list of all the stuff that might be handy to pack when you are planning your trip.

Now, think about this scenario: I am about to go on a bicycle trip and I don't bring my computer or other tech stuff. It would be sweet to change status of all items belonging to "tech gear" to "Reference", and "bicycle gear" as well as "sleeping gear" (and more) to "None".

One potential way (feature request?) to move a collection of items from the "Reference archive" (status="Reference") to the "packing list"(status="None"), would be to change the status of the collection (task) and then do the following search:

>all the tasks in the folder "packing"
>all tasks having status "None"
>all subtaks having the status "Reference"

and then do multi-edit and setting the status to "None". However it seems to be hard (impossible???) to search for:

>all tasks having status "None"
>all subtaks having the status "Reference"

How would you solve this issue? Any ideas or comments are welcome. Thanks alot!!!

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Posted: Jan 20, 2009

Yes, that helped, thanks!

Posted: Jan 20, 2009

I just heard about Toodeldo and I am now trying it out. It is for sure charming... But I ran into a small problem.

Problem: The iGoogle gadget using Firefox 3.05 on a Mac on Osx does not work. I cannot see any tasks and when I try to sync, I get back to the login view.

Running Safari is OK.
Using the dashboard widget is OK.

I have several computers and Ffx is my primary browser... Anyone having the same problem? Solution?