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Posted: Jan 24, 2009

Thanks - I love Notebook - it is wonderful. I thought I had read that there was a sync between it and Outlook. The Toodledo to do list syncs great - keep up the good work.

Posted: Jan 21, 2009

I am new at iPhone, but pretty tech savvy. I am switching from Palm Tungsten T3 and a basic phone. I downloaded Toodledo and the PC sync software for it - works great. I also have the app, Notebook from Appigo - love it too, but my question is, "How does the sync work?" I can get it to sync, but who overides who? In other words, I create a note on the iPhone, shouldn't it show up in Outlook? I have told Notebook to sync using Toodledo and it agrees to it. I can hit sync on the iPhone and I will see the changes on the Toodledo site. I can hit sync on the Toodledo Outlook Sync on the desktop. The to do list is fine, but Notebook does not see the update that is online - help!

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