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Posted: Apr 08, 2009
From Topic: Website hanging

I've just had the same in internet explorer.

I have noticed that there is a 'warning' icon in explorer, which says the following when I double-clicked it:

Line: 3650
Char: 4
Error: 'null' is null or not a null object
Code: 0
URL: https://www.toodledo.com/views/index.php

Not sure if this is related or not?

Posted: Apr 03, 2009

Nope, wasn't immediately after. No matter how may syncs I do the iphone side remains unchecked. I have to check it manually on my iphone aswell.

Posted: Apr 02, 2009

Sometimes if I mark a task as completed via the toodledo webpage, and sync on my iPhone - the task doesn't appear as completed on my iPhone. Although it still shows as complete on the webpage.

Posted: Mar 13, 2009
From Topic: Website hanging

I don't seem to be getting the hangs in Internet Explorer.

As a side note, I've noticed something odd when using Toodledo in IE. If I want to change a task's priority, then I normally double click on the priority cell for that task (a quick way to bring down the dropdown control for that task). In firefox, this works fine. In IE, it starts text-selection mode so the highlighted text gets expanded as I move the mouse (and also the current task selection gets changed too). As I use Firefox, I don't really mind - just thought I would mention it :-)

Posted: Mar 12, 2009
From Topic: Website hanging

I'll try using IE for the next few days when using toodledo to see if I still get it.

Re firefox plugins - I've got quite a lot installed, so I've no idea if one of them is causing this or not. I don't get hangs with any other site though.

Here's a list of my installed plugins:

Adblock Plus
Autofill forms
British English Dictionary
DOM Inspector
Download Statusbar
Extended Statusbar
Facebook Toolbar
Firefox Companion for eBay
Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
Google Toolbar for Firefox
Java Quick Starter
LinkedIn Companion for Firefox
Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant
Session Manger
Tab Mix Plus
Web Developer
Wikipedia Toolbar

Posted: Mar 11, 2009
From Topic: Website hanging

Is there any news on this? It's becoming very annoying :-(

Posted: Mar 07, 2009
From Topic: Website hanging

For me I think it's started happening since I started using the "all tasks" view instead of specific folder views. So yes, more data is being loaded. However I've only got around 70 tasks - so it certainly shouldn't be hanging for over 30 seconds for this.

By 'hanging' - I mean it makes Firefox completely inactive. I can't even switch between firefox tabs when this is happening.

I'm getting the status bar message because I've got the 'extended status bar' firefox plugin. Whether the hang is related to waiting for images.toodledo.com, or whether that's just the last thing that it was saying before the hang - I have no idea.

I get this on both my home and work PC.

Ps. Is it possible to subscribe to a thread in these forums? At the moment I can't see anyway of seeing I've got a reply other than remembering to check the forums.

Posted: Mar 05, 2009
From Topic: Website hanging

Hi. Recently the toodledo website has been hanging quite a lot for up to 20 seconds. My browsers says in the status bar "waiting for images.toodledo.com". I'm using Firefox if that makes a different?

Posted: Feb 10, 2009
From Topic: Firefox plugin

Would be great if there was a "starred" option in the setting dialog, so that you can create a new task as starred.

Posted: Feb 07, 2009

Ah yes, I hadn't noticed that. I've got the 'folders' view as my default startup page, so I didn't see it. I guess it's not a biggie to go back one page to do the sync :-) Although, there is a nice space for a sync button on the folders page between the "Edit Folders" button and the "Add Folder" buttons ;-)

Posted: Feb 06, 2009

Hi. I'd rather use manual sync rather than autosync, but don't because it's such a pain to get to the sync button via the settings page. Would be great if there was quick way of manually syncing from whereever you are in the app.


Posted: Feb 06, 2009

I get the same problem. I also use auto-sync.