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Posted: Sep 02, 2013
From Topic: GTD, Toodledo and 2DO

How much do you want to use 2do? The reason why i'm asking is that, from memory, it didn't seme to be a very TD compatible app.

I bought and used 2do for about an hour before uninstalling it haha. I didn't like the layout because it was a) too iphone-ish and b) the app makes poor use of screen real estate (those calandar/list tabs on the left hand side need to be wayyyyy smaller than they are)

There's much better TD compatible apps in gogole play such as these, and that will be closer to the paradigm you describe there:

I use ultimate todo bewcause it's the most flexible found so far. It allows you to customise how you want to use it because it lets you choose which 'fields'(eg contexts, subfolders, projects, starred items, etc) that you want included and which you don't want included, and that will help your greatly with what you're wanting.

Sorry if i couldn't help directly with 2DO

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Posted: Aug 15, 2013

I use Ultimate To Do on Android and completed tasks don't belhave as completed tasts(eg it still shows up where it shouldn't in searches etc. Completed tasks should ONLY show up in the 'Completed tasks' section), so i just delete tasks as soon as they're completed

Otherwise, i think the most logical way is to assign it no status, as ahas been mentioned above.

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Posted: Aug 06, 2013

Hi Tristan
I use "next action" for somethign that is a task that can be completed within, say, a day, and use "active" for when it's ongoing.

For example, i would use "next action" for something like sending an email to Mr Bloggs, but i would use "active" for writing a university assignment because it's something that i will do a bit at a time over a long period of time.

I also use "next action" if i want to bring a particular task to the front of the queue in my todo list to give me a reminder that i want to complete it soon (even if i don't).

Posted: Mar 04, 2013

Thanks but i don't think so. It just makes the system look ugly. my temporary solution is to have a "Multi" context

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Posted: Mar 04, 2013

Hi all
I'm sure it's been at least a few years since this was suggested, and i'm surprised it hasn't already because it's so central to the toodledo model

I only have a few contexts:
-Brain (all thinking, outlook, decisions, blah blah goes here)
-Out (everythign that doesn't include work or home. Includes errands etc)
-Computer (this includes phone, making calls/emails, online stuff etc)
-Multi (this is a temp solution)

Despite my contexts being really general, if i want to enter in a task which has multiple subtasks then i can't. The task/project with multiple subtasks is "Sort out uni fees", which includes the contexts "Out"(go to post office to send off forms), "Home"(get birth certificate) and "Computer"(contacts necessary people).

It's hardly worth putting that as a folder because then it won't show up on my widget (i have an Android using Ultimate To Do List) with the associated subtasks written clearly underneath them. It's important that it's shown on my widget as follows, and this is only possible if "Sort out uni fees" is a task:

Sort out uni fees
-Contacts Jim
-Go next door and ask to fill in ID forms
-Get birth certificate
-Visit post office and send off

2 questions:
1) When are multiple contexts going to be implemented?
(and please don't suggest tags :D. It shouldn't have to be a workaround for something that should have been implemented in the very beginning. I already use tags for general areas such as education, career, communication, personal, domestic, etc)
2) What's the point of having subtasks if multiple contexts aren't allowed?
The parent tasks is more likely than not to have multiple contexts

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Posted: Jun 15, 2012
From Topic: The 'thought' context

Posted by Salgud:

Yours is the reverse of mine, and which I'll consider if I start having more situations where I have many things to discuss with each person.

The reverse?

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Posted: Jun 15, 2012
From Topic: The 'thought' context

Posted by Canyon Russell:
I don't use this mainly because 'decide' is rarely the next action for me. When ever it looks like a 'decide' action is next I ask myself "why haven't I already made this decision?" The answer usually comes down to finding another piece of info, talking to someone else about it, or identifying some risk around the decision that I need to deal with.

There are many problems with that approach
1) Some people have to make lots of decisions in a short space of time, so breaking each and every one into step by step actions is just cluttering up the GTD system.
2) Deciding what i want the next uni assignment to be about, for example, i don't need to do any action other than find a quiet place to think.
3) Most decisions are not huge projects, which is what your approach is best suited to.

A decision needs to be done and needs to be in the next action section. Even for large projects for which you seem to allude to, that decision can then be broken down into their relavant parts as subtasks when they're known.

Posted by Salgud:
Haven't thought about a "Think" tag, but I do have a "Talk" tag. It's for tasks where I need to remind myself that I have to talk with someone about something,

I use something similar, but it's commonly called the 'Agenda' context (i use 'Contact' context instead). In a similar fashion to your Talk tag, i use the Contact context where each person that i want to mention something to has their own 'task'. There is a task called Rod, a task called Fiona, etc, and in the notes section of each task i put everything that i want to mention to them.

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Posted: Jun 13, 2012
From Topic: The 'thought' context

Surely i'm not the only one that uses this.
Tasks don't always have to be physical actions that you do (eg take book to library, take bins out, speak to Fiona about this and that, etc).
What about when you have to make a decision or to think about something. For example, "Decide topic of next assignment". This isn't something that happens in a particular place or is associated with any particular person - it's an action that happens in our heads. We can take time to do this action on the way to work, at home, down the pub, or wherever. Hence, the 'Thought' or 'Brain' context

Anyone else use it?

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Posted: May 08, 2012

I have to agree. The toodledo UI is one ugly mother! It's also not at all intuitive.
It desperately needs cleaning and beautifying

Posted: Mar 05, 2012
From Topic: Discontinuaton notice

Posted by Toodledo:
If you sign into your account once a year, it will not be deleted.

What about those of us using Android apps that sync with Toodledo? Do we have to sign into the web app once a year to keep it active? I hope i'm going to get an automated email well before that happnes

Posted: Mar 03, 2012
From Topic: Toodledo and ADHD

Posted by Toodledo:
You can work offline with Toodledo using a variety of 3rd party tools, as well as our new mobile website. http://m.toodledo.com

Nobody uses the mobile site anymore. Everyone(who's not living in the dark ages) uses apps these days

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Posted: Feb 24, 2012

Regarding the lists, i think i've found 2 perfect list apps that allow you to select lists with virtually any data type (eg integer, text, rating, audio, image, map coordinates, contact in phonebook, etc)

They are MyLists and Memento

Posted: Feb 24, 2012
From Topic: Tags

Posted by ukz_:
The problem with using folder, context, goal or location is that you can't assign multiple entries to each task. (In any case, I am already using folder and context as you may imagine, and I prefer not to use a hack if I can help it).

However, alphabetical sorting makes all of this go away for me and I can also then group/classify tags using a prefix.

Thanks for the info.

I agree with that.

Posted: Feb 23, 2012

Hi christinarosetti
"(any suggestions on this would be very appreciated )"

Some good list apps that i know of are Mobisle Notes and Gnote. Both of them allow either plain text and checklists, and a particularly useful part is that they can be easily switched between the 2. Both are very clean and quick to jot down notes.
They're very basic, and are most ideal for quick spur of the moment jotting down of lists.
For more complex lists and apps that act as a kind of general repository of ideas, then Evernote (as Dave, below, suggests) or Springpad may be ideal.

I also went through a ton of ToDo lists apps. I actually started off about 2 years ago with Got To Do, but that's now abandoned. 5 billion apps and about 30 quid later, and i've finally arrived at Ultimate To Do list because
1) Fair price.
2) Excellent custiomisation for my every changing needs
3) Most importantly, good support (a dev that listens to their users and takes on board their suggests is a massive plus. I don't care if an app is perfect - if the support is less than excellent, it won't get my money. Period)

Pocket Informant is WAYYYYY too expensive for what it offers. Due Today is not too bad, but there was something that put me off of it and there also was some feature missing (i can't remember what).

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Posted: Feb 22, 2012

Different methods work for different people. If that works for you, then good for you

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Posted: Feb 22, 2012

Posted by Folke X:

Actually there is a next action there :-)

(Guess what: To make a note of how many incidents you had that day)

If you put that in your next action, what would you do once it's been completed for that day?

Posted: Feb 22, 2012


Essentially, i'm using Next Action in the same way as you - that is to keep certain things(tasks or otherwise) in the forefront of your mind

Posted: Feb 17, 2012

I'm not sure that would work with me. I've tried in the past to have a kind of regimented approach like that, and it fell flat each time.

Also, and most importantly, on my (Android) mobile i use a specific app (Ultimate ToDo) where i have the 4x3 widget on my home page. Hence the importance of the Next Action and the need to put tasks(and entire goals) on the front page (it also saves on room to do this because there is only limited space to fit all tasks and goals that i need to keep at the forefront of my mind). This is the more efficient way for me. Using lots of subtasks as you suggest would mean me not being able to see the wood for the trees.
Perhaps this puts a new perspective on your viewpoint.

I rely 100% on my mobile, so I don't use the web version of Toodledo except on the rare occasion when a sync doesn't go as expected.

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Posted: Feb 17, 2012

You're right about the more positive "be more organised". I agree. Mine was a bad example.

@Salgud, Folke X
I don't think the idea of breaking everythign down into smaller parts works with everyone. Some people (ie me) need to see things at a glance so as to not lose track of the goal. Often goals and philosophies need to be placed into the Next 'Action' section. I need goal highlighted in front of me otherwise it gets forgotten amongst the trivia. This is also true if i break it down into parts - it gets lost amongst the trivia and i lose sight of the overall goal. If i lose sigh of the overall goal, then whats the point of all the little broken down tasks that that goal was split into? They become isolated from their goal.

Also, "be more organised" can't be broken down because it applies to all aspects of life. it's a philosophy that affects all tasks and how they're carried out, rather than something that can be broken down into tasks.

It would work much more effectively for me if i FIRST see the goal in the Next 'Action' section, and then i can drill down to see the goal split up into it's parts. Having a goal broken down and scattered about all over the place doesn't work for me.

Sometimes it feels as if GTD and Tooddledo are better suited to robots than human beings lol

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Posted: Feb 16, 2012

Thanks for your input.

You may have misunderstood regarding the 2nd point.
I wasn't referring to repeating tasks. I was referring to tasks which are ongoing indefinitely. Such tasks don't have a date/time to do them. Perhaps the "check buy and sell for bike" was a bad example (i should have mentioned that the magazine is a free magazine which is delivered whenever, so there is no date or regularity about it).
Perhaps a better example would be "continue to work on perfecting CV" or "work on poem". Sometimes life gets in the way and i forget, so i need these little reminders. It has no set date/time or regularity about it. it's on ongoing task which cannot be completed.
These are the type of tasks that i'm referring to.

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